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Madonna speeches on The Celebration Tour


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7 hours ago, WokeUpInMedellin said:

Does anyone know how to stop youtube videos from playig automatically when I visit a thread? This never used to happen to me, and now it does.

I think you can configure that in your browser settings. What browser do you use?

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4 hours ago, Salida said:

Mine doesnt have the options they're showing so I can't figure it out, but I appreciate you trying to help me :heart:

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@Salidait's crystal clear how the NDE has made M a much more open person in the right way speaking.

I would never expect M doing a speech as she did to 1 Dec in Amsterdam to every other prior tour.

I know in the past she delivered very touchy, emotional tour speeches such as her defense to the Romani people (whom average people know as "gypsies") during her stop at Bucureşti, or to her concerts in 2012 for both Moscow and Sankt Peterburg, but the way she has linked her own experiences into these speeches is... speechless.

I wanted for years to M tell her heart she did when she detailed Burgoyne's passing away - this has made me frenetic nuts more than she did again Secret or You'll See or finally did Forbidden Love'94 or Something to Remember song.

I have been avoiding THAT thread not because I do believe M's tired now or due to reaction from other Infiniters - I just know M won't do a speech à la World AIDS Day again for this tour because even if she does that to an audience who won't boo her unlike Romanian people did in Bucureşti, for sure the people and media outside - who should really hear and embrace what she has to say - will do more than booing her.

Sorry, my dear Salida, for this situation but, as the most enthusuastic Infiniter for this tour that I see by far, for sure you deserve an explanation to how I'm not mad now at Celebration Tour, but to what things will happen in these last coupla months tour follows. I know she's entering to places where people will treat her like Bucureşti people did or even worst while all she wanted was the chance of being heard and taken seriously. And, as much as this kills Madonna, this kills me too.

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