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    People do really need a sense of humor...

    I think some people are taking this new era way too seriously. Just let it happen and enjoy. Stop worrying about the previous leaks and these new images popping up. As if some IG pic as a single cover is going to deconstruct her career. In fact, the artwork is pretty much an after thought since physical singles are no more. If the song is good, people will enjoy it. Expecting anything she does to become a massive hit is just being unrealistic. She's pretty much doing what she wants (as she has always). Nothing has changed. She's always been quite polarizing and If I was getting that worked up over things I couldn't control then I would say I don't have much of a life. I'm just glad she's still making music. I have yet to be disappointed. 35 plus years of great music from such an iconic entertainer.
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    I'm going to be labeled as one of those moaners but I would love it if Aldo Díaz wasn't a part of this project, not even for promoting the song on instagram. I'm all for imagery and that's just not professional. Please, no more single covers with random selfies taken with a crappy (i)phone camera (however, I gave up on having a decent single cover from her when Living for love was revealed).
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    I cannot believe a new era is just right around the corner.
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    *prayed the Holy Rosary 6x, asked for an audience with Pope Francis, booked a flight to the shrine of Lourdes to ask for the Virgin Mary to intercede and help keep this forum still be the best Madonna forum on the web* Yes. Let's all just enjoy the ride. Put in your two cents but let's not attack people ad hominem. Love you all! Los quiero mucho!!! Saluti a tutti!!! Mahal ko kayong lahat!!!
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    People do really have the right to have an opinion, whether it's an overly dramatic one or not.
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    Madonna NEW ALBUM "Magic"

    people putting false info online need to be strung up by the nuts lol
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    it's all I have to say...
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    We all know that steven klein is not just a photographer, he is one of Madonna's good friend now. We all get it. But I really wish that No more work with SK. seriously. I really hope that Madonna gonna work with new photographer which have some genius new ideas and fresh talent.
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    I think most of us have a sense of humour but the whole RH demo leaks wasn't funny - i hope she has the new single and album locked up tighter than a nuns pussy - im excited after hearing the met gala snippet :))
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    LGBTQ News

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    IKR? I mean seriously. That photo is good enough for Instagram for sure but for Album cover? I don't think so. and No thank you and No way.
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    Anytime, Anyplace (D&D House Mix) (WAV rip from the UK CD single) [Hidden Content] Alright (Hip Hop Mix) [short version] (WAV rip from the UK CD single) [Hidden Content] Alright (Hip Hop Mix) [long version] (WAV rip from the UK 12") [Hidden Content]
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    Just for the Fun of it..... [Hidden Content]
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    thank you for your input.
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    Actually the press doesn't know more than we do, all the articles I have read are based on the IG posts and are just infering and speculating from those few words. The only extra info is coming from Drowned Madonna, about the video being already shot in London, which has no declared source.
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    Why, because of MDNA? I loved the MDNA Era with a passion. Give me all your luvin makes me happy, GGW is a club banger, I'm Addicted and Some Girls are Amazing and let me know start on Gang bang. MDNA was a Great Madonna Era for Me.
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    So adorable
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    of course, this should be a good environment but we also can't turn it into a place that's completely devoid of opinions we don't like or even opinions that are wrong. At least that gives us the opportunity to talk about important issues which is a good thing. I know it's hard for everyone not to get upset at some things, but we gotta try to be as constructive as possible.
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    Post something funny

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    Most Overrated Madonna Era?

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    Donald Trump

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    Hung Up - different radio versions

    No problem: [Hidden Content]
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    Post something funny

    So savage it burns... Credit: VitalSmarts (youtube.com/user/TrainingMagUS)
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