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  1. I'm French and discrimination against people of colour is quite an issue down here. But we won the world cup
  2. Beyoncé performed in Black Panther attire at the Super Bowl, which is the whitest place in America, I don't call it playing it safe. Beyoncé sings about getting fucked by her husband in the limousine, when is it safe ? She did a video half naked with Nicki Minaj in a tub and you pretend she's a prude ? She is not as provocative as Madonna used to be, but she isn't toning down any of her statements. I'm really very sad to read here that people need to bring Bey down. If you don't like her, fine, don't waste your time & don't waste mine. Times are different. When Madonna broke through, she was the first female performer to walk in men's steps, against all male privileges and machism. Once those barriers are broken, there's is no point in redoing it, so the next ones will tackled other issues and conquer new territories. M herslef is not fighting for the things she took down in the 80s, she is now an "anti-ageist" fighter. Now you all need to understand that racism exists just as much as machism, and Beyoncé being the first black woman to do this, this and that is important and revolutionary. Of course, we had Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston before, of course she is not the first of firsts. But Madonna wasn't the first to sing in a wedding dress or to touch her crotch on stage : she was the first one to impress the whole world while doing this. That's what you call cultural impact. Destiny's Child took the crown of girl bands after the Spice Girls. Single Ladies is an anthem for some. "I woke up like this" is a cultural meme. Black women are stereotyped into exotic dolls, stupid maids and ethnic clichés : Bey is totally deconstructing all of this. Not for white folks, most of them are color blind so that's probably why so many here totally miss her point. But just as much as M, she doesn't give a damn about what you think. She is empowering a generation of black / mixed race people, especially girls, that never had the chance to witness such things. The thing with western culture is that it hardly lets black / non caucasian people be the first ones to do anything. Janet was the little Jackson sibling. Whitney was a studio captive, and it didn't end well for her. Beyoncé is nobody's puppet, she is the commander of her ship and she is even sometimes shadowing her own husband. May I remind you that Jay-Z started his career in 1990 ? He's like the Rod Stewart of hip hop and Beyoncé manages to boytoy him. Another revolutionary feat. Learn before you speak (not you @Suzy Q.;-) . Enough judgement, unconscious racism et petty rivalry. Being an M fan should have taught you better. Now I'm also very angry that my first post, about The Guardian / The Observer, has turned so sour because of your paranoid BS. Dragging Beyoncé down will never make Madonna look better or younger.
  3. It's the job of PR and marketing people to force concepts and ideas on people. It's up to you to buy them or not. But, MJ was the first black male singer to be as successful as white Elvis Presley, that's when he was revolutionary. Beyoncé is the first black female entertainer to be as successful as white Madonna, so she is as much a great performer too. An African-American chick from Texas able to rent the Louvre for a shooting, I don't know how you call it if not revolutionary.
  4. Sure, I know what you meant. No, she doesn't get dragged all the time. The Guardian published 4 pages today to celebrate her birthday and her legacy. Twitter is full of accounts that post all day long about how great she is. Her Instagram is followed by millions of people who like her posts. Billboard, NME, Pitchfork... There are so many respectable music & culture media who do very decent work and reports about M, even between eras. Music lovers know what they own her, even when they're not fans. Forget about The Daily Mail and The New York Post, they're just clickbaiting with scandalous M headlines, just like The National Enquirer used to do with her in the 80s. She is so huge and so popular that haters will always be there to dismiss her. It's the downside of being the queen of pop. On the other side, MJ and Beyoncé are wonderful artists and performers, who broke records and tackled taboos too, it's unfair to not acknowledge it. They have their share of haters also. Even very lately on this very forum I was appalled by the level of hate that Beyoncé gets for being a powerful black female. This forum is probably the worst place to evaluate how popular M is, because hardcore fans will always be complaining about not enough this, too much that. People on the outside world don't get into so much detail and usually think that M is one of the greatest artists of our times, period. Madonna is still a very inspiring artist, very relevant. See the reactions about her cameo in Ariana Grande's video : "epic" is a word that comes back very often. How could it hurt you when it looks so good ?
  5. Are people ever going to stop begging for more ? When is enough ? @Sonnykeep on being a sincere and devoted fan and stop making yourself miserable because the rest of the world isn't. You know what's right.
  6. There is a full special feature celebrating M in today's The Guardian Great read !!! Madonna at 60 Celebrating the queen of pop ahead of her 60th birthday in August 2018 https://www.theguardian.com/music/series/madonna-at-60 Barbara Ellen on Madonna: ‘Popular culture still reeks of her influence’ https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/jul/15/barbara-ellen-on-madonna-sexist-slurs-pop-surivor Sarah Churchwell on Madonna: ‘She remains the hero of her own story’ https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/jul/15/sarah-churchwell-on-madonna-power-success-feminist-legacy Matt Cain on Madonna: ‘She opened up gay culture to the mainstream’ https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/jul/15/matt-cain-on-madonna-homophobic-interviewers-gay-culture Nancy Whang on Madonna: ‘She set an example for a lot of women’ https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/jul/15/nancy-whang-on-madonna-set-example-women-persona Dancer Carlton Wilborn on Madonna: ‘Rehearsal truly was like boot camp’ https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/jul/15/dancer-carlton-wilborn-on-madonna-rehearsal-boot-camp-tour Sophie on Madonna: ‘Her work is so vast – there’s a reference for any situation’ https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/jul/15/sophie-on-madonna-work-vast-musical-influence Thurston Moore on Madonna: ‘She had credibility, she was really ahead of the game’ https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/jul/15/thurston-moore-on-madonna-credibility-new-york-downtown-scene
  7. Laugh To Keep From Crying What Can You Lose Everybody Justify My Love Rescue Me Secret Garden Waltz For Eva and Che Paradise (Not For Me) Gone Hollywood Die Another Day Get Together The Game Miss You
  8. discohub

    Among non album tracks, you can't miss the wonderful AL / Hello Suckers demos : Miss You / The Game / I'm In Love With Love / Set The Right / If You Go Away (piano version) / Boum / Is This Love (Bon d'accord).
  9. ‘Jesus died for somebody’s sins, but not mine’

    Patti Smith

    (Gloria (In Excelsis Deo), 1975)


    1. galnerdic


      This reminds me of the line from Crass' song Aslyum " Jesus died for his own sins, not mine!"

    2. discohub


      Patti wrote it first. She inspired a generation of punk rockers.

  10. I mean, Maya Rudloph played God as a Woman 6 months ago in The Good Place, nothing new here and iconic Brazilian singer Elza Soares titled her latest album Deus E Mulher (God Is a Woman) 2 months ago too. If you believe in god, you'd better get used to it : If you think he's a just a white male, you're canceled.
  11. Do we have to over comment on this, as obvious as it is ? "God is a woman" is the title, Madonna vocally plays God as a Woman in the interlude, in the #metoo times. It's a feminist statement inside the video clip of a feminist anthem. No christianity nor theology involved, it's a fucking feminist thing in pop costume. Janelle Monae did it two months ago, and she's far from being the only one. Who run the world ? Girls.