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  1. discohub

    Voted Oh Father, but I cherish her vocals on I Want You & ROL... and Cherish , Drowned World, X-static Process, Sooner or Later, More, Buenos Aires, Frozen (should be on your list ), Nothing Fails, Rescue Me, You'll See, Gone, Miss You... much more in fact
  2. discohub

    was released in 1994, so they could never have had it in mind. Anyway, the reference might have been several 80's Christmas hits, like "Last Christmas" and "Do They Know It's Christmas?"...
  3. discohub

    should HAVE been
  4. discohub

    Yeah, sure and so on...
  5. discohub

    Nobody Knows Me, cause I love that song, but Get Stupid was great too.
  6. discohub

    The Game
  7. discohub

    OK. Wow. He gave her advice. SO BAD GUY O, BOO BOO. That's what partners do. If she didn't want to do any of those things, she wouldn't have done them. He is not forcing anything on her. Stop blaming him for her own choices.
  8. discohub

    Yep, because she hired him.
  9. discohub

    THE MANAGER DOESN'T HAVE ANY INPUT IN THE ARTISTIC CHOICES. How many times will we have to repeat this ?
  10. discohub

    All of them Lots of Youtube too, don't know if you count that as a free streaming service
  11. discohub

  12. discohub

    What did he do exactly to make you say such a thing ?
  13. discohub

    Based on what ?
  14. discohub

    So much hatred for Guy O for so many wrong reasons. The manager is in charge of the artist's business and deals, not the artistic choices, not the releases schedule, not the social media accounts, not the haircut. M is one of the biggest pop stars in the world, I still don't see why she would fire the guy who helped her achieve this status.