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  1. discohub

    Justify My Love I always thought Erotica was JML part 2, I like the original better. "I want to run naked in a rainstorm Make love in a train cross-country You put this in me So now what, so now what?" Awesome verse "I'll be your sorceress, your heart's magician I'm not a witch, I'm a love technician" was wicked too!
  2. discohub

    How dare she sport the same hair for 60 years?
  3. Fishy. Facebook Messenger wasn't available until 2010/2011.
  4. discohub

    She wanted to work with them in 1999 but they weren't into collabs back then.
  5. discohub

    I hate it from every angle you can think of.
    1. rescueme


      torn between the vinyl and cd set though, the prices are through the roof

    2. pourhomme80
  6. discohub

    2019 mentioned here : Madonna Is Working Hard On New Album: "These Dark Circles Are For All My Fans" "The singer has confirmed that she is working on her next album to be released in 2019." GRAMMYS / OCT 2, 2018 - 3:38 PM
  7. discohub

    Are you judging this man's career based on one move ? Relax, he's been in the business for 30 years. and as for the much talked about free album, it was an experimental release strategy, but U2 fans were happy. I still don't get why people went mad for being offered music. If he had advised M to do so for one of her releases, I don't think you would complain.
  8. discohub

    Does it have anything to do with her artistic activities ?
  9. discohub

    Well that's precisely what a manager is for. Madonna is her own producer and creative director.
  10. discohub

    He is Madonna's and U2's manager, two of the biggest acts for 30 years. I wish I was as dumb as him.
  11. discohub

    I think it's rude to share private messages on social media. And before that, it's gross to bring up your sex life in a business conversation.
  12. discohub

    what are you trying to prove with these posts ?
  13. discohub

    Great job !
  14. Have you seen this ? 

    Kids vogueing like they were born to do it !