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  1. I like the album a lot, and would say that for the best parts, along with Erotica and I'm Breathless, it could've done with real drums and percussion, juxtaposed with bass, keys and guitars, would've formed a great rhythm section and thus creating an authentic jazz album. The vocals are great and sound sincere and the writing as well as themes explored make for an introspective experience.

  2. You know what? So many great albums came out in 1992. Some of my favourite ones in fact. It was a truly unique time; grunge, shoegaze, stoner rock, sludge, britpop, industrial and indie were making huge strides and emerging as their own genres and blurring the lines between indie and mainstream. 


    What Madonna was doing with Erotica was pretty brave; taking those underground sounds and making it commercial with the themes she wanted to explore, but it was still only a small fraction of what was going on in the musical landscape of 1992.


    Madonna's contribution to that zeitgeist shouldn't be ignored in terms of sexual politics and aesthetics, but I would question, musically, did Erotica have an equal impact? I think the title track itself is perhaps the most interesting song with its bassline, Eastern flavours and dominatrix themes. As with all Madonna albums, there are usual fillers sequenced between dance tracks, ballads and downtempo songs. The album explores genres such as new jack swing and deep bassy blues with the help of Andre Betts, but is let down by the laxed production by Shep Pettibone on other songs that make the album feel lackluster. 


    Whilst Erotica is an album praised by many fans and does have its merits, for my tastes, it offers far too little for its total runtime of 75 minutes. 


    For those curious about what else 1992 offered, here are some of my favourite releases:


    Manic Street Preachers, Generation Terrorists

    Tori Amos, Little Earthquakes

    Curve, Doppelganger

    Ride, Going Blank Again

    Tool, Opiate

    White Zombie, La Sexorcisto

    Jesus and Mary Chain, Honey's Dead

    Godflesh, Pure

    L7, Bricks Are Heavy

    The Cure, Wish

    Skinny Puppy, Last Rights

    Ministry, Psalm 69

    Sonic Youth, Dirty

    Morrissey, Your Arsenal

    Morphine, Good

    NIN, Broken

    The Prodigy, Experience

    Siouxsie, Twice Upon A Time

    Nirvana, Insecticide

  3. I love her pre-fame vocals, her VT, WTG, BA, GS, DWT, RIT and CT vocals, SNL, Oscars 91 and a lot of others. So much energy and colour in those tones. 

    When it comes to singers there are voices I like; Stevie Nicks, Marianne Faithful, Siouxsie Sioux, Robert Smith, Ian Curtis, Andrew Eldritch, Morrissey, Alice Cooper, Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain, Billy Corgan, Trent Reznor, Shirley Manson... 

    It's all about the tones, expression, the theatre of their vocal artistry. I'd listen to them recite the fucking alphabet because each one would be so unique and not depend on enhancements, pitch correction, retuning or any of that shit. It's their real voice. 

    Madonna is best when she's at her most real and RAW!

  4. Pop star. A pioneering one at that. She's opened a lot of doors for other pop stars. 

    Madonna seems to be rewriting her job description and that's her right. 

    Like someone above said, she was more of an artist when she wasn't broadcasting it all the time without producing the work to back it up. 

    Ultimately it's self-serving, but perhaps that's the actual art? The art of staying relevant. The art of surviving. The art of celebrity. The art of narcissism.


  5. To be absolutely honest, I think this is the sort of thing that works fine in fans' imaginations, but in real life, it's just a terrible idea. Madonna and an orchestra... The reality of such a pairing would be a nightmare. And it would be boring. How long before she starts dry humping a double bass during the first verse? She needs those 808s and autotuned live vocals and those tits out moments, not an orchestra, how can she disturb the peace with a string quartet? ?

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