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  1. I'm all for the new pictures ! That is Madonna, the new Madonna. Even if there are some filters ! 99% of tye planet use a few filters anyway, and in the video she has posted she doesn't look much different than on the pics. I had enough of seeing M looking kinda bad (granny hairdo, bad hair color, ugly hoodles, no make up...) now she's looking like the queen of pop that she is. Keep going M !!!
  2. I think she look phenomenal !!! The best she has looked in years. Yes it's a brand new face and i love that one !!!!
  3. Yes there was many people posting online the Rain maxi single cover, zooming and cropping it and it seems it indeed comes from that picture.
  4. Hmm, for MDNA it's not really a "look", it's a zoom on a part of her face so it cannot be related to one specific look/era, it fits everything, it's just Madonna. I don't see her usinf this new look (long blond hair, purple hoodle etc...) for the Madame X tour artwork. It has absolutely nothing related, it would look really out of place.
  5. Is she still working on the editing of that hrm hrmm promo tour from an average era from two years ago ? Move on Madonna, you have a nice new hairdo and a fresh face, leave the past behind, go full force to the bopic and new album 👍 if needed just post the damn Madame X gig on the net for free for the diehard fans who are interested...
  6. I. Am. Speechless I have no words. This is the most stunning i have seen her in maybe 15 years... she literally took my breath away and it takes a lot !
  7. Said whaaaat ??! She performed Burning up and Into the groove ??? Wow i hopr a videl surfaces one day.
  8. I just checked and now the new pic has more than the one from may (bit you are right as soon as you can see her tits tye number of likes are flying !). So that new sexy pic is officially her biggest liked picture on instagram, and the number of like will grow again with time. It's funny how i usually find it silly giving importance to the number of like of something but i'm happy when Madonna get over 1million of likes, i mean wjat other act who started in the early 80's and who is now 62 yo gets that much attention on social medias ?!
  9. Over 1 million of likes now. It's her biggest number of likes for an instagram post right ?
  10. Have you noticed the Snoop Dogg comment under M's new sexy pic ? Maybe he wants a collab ?!
  11. That was so funny, Madonna would literraly snatch the laptop from Cody everytime she was tryin to write something 😂😂😂 She once said she wouldn't let anyone tell her story but her and she really mean it 😂
  12. Diablo or anyone else it doesn't matter, Madonna is writting the script by herself anyway. Have you seen the instagram videos and live ? Diablo was basically Madonna's human typewriter, and the few times Diablo wanted to write something by herself Madonna would immediately take back the laptop and rewrite the line 😂😂😂
  13. If editing a 2 hours show takes 2 years wecan get an idea on how long it will take her to edit a 38 years career span... On a positive note if some people were afraid her biopic couldn't be release in theatres, that's ok, by the time of the biopic release the covid pandemic will be studied in historic book by students who are not even born yet as i'm writing it, and theaters on planet Mars will premiere the movie.
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