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  1. I am so chocked i can't believe it... rest in peace angel. No words...
  2. i've always heard and still hear "And you can dance, for inspiration, come on, i want you to... get into the groove" and not "i'm waiting" in the beginning of ITG.
  3. I knew Medellin was not gonna be an incredibly good song when people on the set of the video had just this to say about the new song "at one point she sings one two chachacha" and nothing more. People didn't seem impressed or excited at all...
  4. It's a joke right ?! this is not even a sample or something, they have totally recreated the whole "Into the groove" instrumental !!
  5. Well she met like the whole world and she probably met Freddy and thought someone took a pic...
  6. I hope you're right guys... The only movie she could direct that i'm excited about is her biopic, sorry but i'm being honest.
  7. So Madonna had just posted "Time to make a movie" with the caption "Loved" and while many fans believed she was about to start filming her biopic, DrownedMadonna reveals it's indeed another movie she mentionned before called "Loved". Based on this news the casting she made a few weeks ago could be for "Loved" and not for the biopic... we need confirmation though... Here is what DrownedMadonna has just posted : Madonna getting ready to direct her new movie 'Loved', based on the novel 'The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells' by Andrew Sean Greer. Before 'Madame X', Madonna talked about the intention of making this film during an Interview with Harper's Bazaar in 2017. Sorry i can't repost any pic.
  8. I don' think so. M kept on saying "Thank you Britney" on every post, as thank you for inviting us.
  9. from M story it seems she went to Britney's brirthday party. There was more on Madonna's story (you could see two videos, one where they were in a plane and another one where they were arriving at Britney's house and there was Britney' boyfriend) but M deleted ot from her story.
  10. The pic she has posted of her with with Freddy Mercury is a montage right ?!
  11. Not even talking about M or anyone but in my opinion and in general, fillers are the worst thing that happened in the world of facial beauty procedure. Botox is ok cause it doesn't add volume to the face, it just tense the muscle and so the skin is tight but the volume are not messed up. Fillers add volume under the skin and the result, 8 times out of 10 is that people look puffy, with way out of proportion cheeks that lookd alienish, then to balance it they get fillers and swoll their chin and other areas of the face a d they end up with a face like a bloated ballon and a head way to big then the rest of the body. Then you can balance it by getting bigger butt and boobs but you just shouldn't begin to mess with volumes in the first place. Use botox to tense a bit what is lose and you will look fresh and still like yourself (look at M from the early 00's till 2006) but don't mess with volumes, if anything you will look older, bloated and with parts of your face out of proportion.
  12. More or less something like that ; M said recently that one day she was in her appartment during her pre-fame days in New york, and she felt the spirit of Frida Khalo entering her body and soul.
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