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  1. TonyMontana

    Where have you read that Mirwais is involved ? From the rumors for the moment only Pat Leonard have been mentioned. No, i haven't read anything mentionning Mirwais, just Leonard for the moment.
  2. TonyMontana

    If i remember correctly Dua mentionned the fact that she would love to work with M and that her manager was trying to contact her and several weeks alter that member on Pop Jutsice revealed it was happening, that they recorded the track, giving details that were never shared before, that it was an already existing track remixed, the date of release etc i will try to find the thread on the forum and post it.
  3. TonyMontana

    Well if the member who posted it is indeed the same as the Dua lupa rumor then i'm really considering it to be true. Remember how it all started ? The thread is still in the forum. It all started with a rumor from that Pop Justice member and many people were like "bullshit, rumor like that never turns out to be true..." and actually it was spot on. I must say i wouldn't be surprised if that was true, i mean i have a feeling she's cooking up something in secret, and about Pat Leonard it wouldn't surprise me at all , here is why : these last years she seems to love working with previous producers from the past (Orbit, Mirwais...) so the most obvious other one would be Leonard. She must be blind if she hasn't read a million times on social medias how much people would love her to work with him again (Let's be honest, he is brilliant at creating melodies and chorus that are classic Madonna). Also the fact that he suddendly desapeared from all social medias some times ago while he was preparing an album of Madonna revisited instrumentals is kinda suspicious and could mean something is happening with M. Mirwais was also working on his album and posting about it on instagram when she contacted him to work on her new album. Fingers crossed but my guts tell me there is some truth behing all that.
  4. TonyMontana

    Word is a member from PopJustice (a reliable one who revealed she was working again with Mirwais two years ago and also that she was recording a part for a Dua Lipa remix) said that the work for her next album has already begun and that she is working with Pat Leonard. He then removed his post (apparently another reliable member asked a moderator to delete it because whatever M has in store right now musically is supposed to kept secret).
  5. TonyMontana

  6. TonyMontana

    Once again the last sentence is pure fan speculation. How do you know Madonna "doesn't look back when it comes to lovers". Because she says so interviews ? You don't know her secret garden and what's in her heart. She could still be in love with Guy or Brahim and nor you or me would have a clue about it...
  7. TonyMontana

    All of the above are nothing but feelings and personnal opinion, no facts here. Once again you base your judgement on your feelings and not on proved facts. Anyone could "find" lines of Madonna and use them to prove she's a heartless bitch. Yet, i repeat we know personally none of them and we just can't affirm how they are in private life.
  8. TonyMontana

    "There have been allegations"... "Madonna apperently claimed..." You prove exactly my point. None of them, Guy or Madonna, never talked about the reason of their divorce. All that there have been are tabloids rumors or bitter Christopher allegations... Madonna never talked clearly about her marriages. Even about Sean we never knew what really happened. She never confirmed or denied he has beatten her, and i seriously doubt she would feel so much joy and be so lovely when she sees him if he really did what tabloids reported back in the days. Tte truth is we know NOTHING about Madonna wheb it comes to her love relation ships, it's something she always kept private.
  9. TonyMontana

    It always makes me laughs when i read the fans saying how nasty he is and how he was the bad man in their relation and bla bla bla... if i know one thing in life is that you never know what's going on for real in a relastionship when the doors are closed, not even to the closest persons around us like our own sisters/brothers or best friend, let alone someone we don't know personnaly like Madonna and Guy. No one, and i mean it, no one knows what happened between them, and no, it's not because you can read a lyrics line from one of her songs that this is autobiographical and that this is true ("She's not me" hasn't been written by Madonna for instance 😉). Same goes for the money, we have no clue what Guy or Madonna gained/lost with the divorce, and it's not because the DailyMail pretends to know it that it is true. We maybe have seen tons of interviews of Madonna, read tons of anecdotes from other celebrities she worked with, read all of her lyrics but we have no clue what she's like in private, especially in a love affair. What we see is her job, not her private side. Fans tends to believe they know their idol by heart because they follow each step of her career for years, but this is it, a career, not the private side. Madonna could have cheated on Guy ten times and you have no clue about it...
  10. TonyMontana

    Unpopular opinion but some people, including me, think she was actually more blooming between 1999 and 2006 than she is since 2008. I repeat and i don't care if 99% of her fans jump at my throat, Guy is one of the best things that happened to her, and the fact that her gay fan base doesn't like him won't change my opinion.
  11. TonyMontana

    Let's agree to disagree 😉
  12. TonyMontana

  13. TonyMontana

    Lol i was gonna say that girl also has interesting Madonna features !!! Btw, it's a montage i think, it's not on Anne' instagram.
  14. TonyMontana

    Who is it ?
  15. TonyMontana

    After that post she has no choice than to release something. Even if she was trolling she still can release Warning Signs and Desperately Seeking Susan, i'll be fine with it 😉