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  1. It seems i'm the only one who finds it just nice but not phenomenal.
  2. Yeah it can make you feel more relaxed or quite the contrary totally stressed.
  3. Ok so she has about 6-7 hours to drink 3 bottles and be wasted for the show 😂😂😂
  4. That's why i wrote "among many M fans". I'm not talking about the grand public who last saw her at the Eurovision. I know on the forums or facebook groups many fans are waiting that performance to either call her performing skills a thing from the past or quite the contrary, to say she's back on stage like the top notch performer she's been all along her career. This time there will be no excuse for a bad performance, she has shown us she's been rehearsing for two weeks so if the gig is bad, we will not be able to blame it on anything else but her.
  5. I am happy too we're getting a performance tomorrow. One thing for sure i'm still excited before a performance (and i'm devastated after 😂😂😂)
  6. I have the feeling this performance is a turning point among many M fans, like after several not so great performances for Madonna standards, if she fucked up that one after two weeks of rehearsals, then Madonna the amazing stage showgirl is officially over, and if kills it and put on an amazing gig then she still has it and these average performances were just a bad spell and now she's back to her amazing standards... anyone else feels the kinda the same ?!
  7. I personnally hate the performance of pride 2019. I hate the costume, boring hairdo, don't like her stage presence at all that day... Give me pride 2021 any day over pride 2019. Pride 2021 sure was un-rehearsed but there's just something i like about that performance. It's raw, it's Madonna doesn't giving a fuck and just partying on the bar of a club. I loved the wig too. There was something very nighclub 90's about that gig.
  8. I also immediately thought of Gwen's "Hollaback girl" with the cheerleader theme and chant of "Give me all your luvin".
  9. Please remind me to never hire you as a stylist 😂😂😂
  10. Those damn braids are back... I hope she doesn't have braids for the performance after the amazing look she's been serving these last days... Not to be mean but braids are really not flaterring on her lately...
  11. That's precisely why people are stressed... 😂😂😂
  12. That very dance move looks like a dance move from the original "Everybody" chroreo :
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