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  1. TonyMontana

    Absolutely. I was listening to the debut album (Madonna) with black & white cover and the version of Holiday is the immaculate one... it's a total mess
  2. If she does things right then yes, for example sing with her beautiful voice and not that nasal voice that she thinks makes her sounds younger, doesn't dress up like a Village people meet SM mistress costume and doesn't fill her face like a balloon and do an old fashion grandma hair then yes she has a chance to have a commercial success. Yes i know this makes a lot of criticisms but i think her team in terms of look and general appearance is a total disaster for a couple of years.
  3. TonyMontana

    Nothing fails American pie or Love song
  4. TonyMontana

    Forget about it guys, here in France it's totally fucked up, what they air is totally different than what is written, have a look, it was supposed to be the 1999 MTV awards as written on the tv but they aired Catfish all along the afternoon :
  5. Candy shop Vogue Like a prayer
  6. TonyMontana

    You'll see Swim or Time stood still ?
  7. TonyMontana

    Damn on MTV France they air the 1999 and 2000 ones today : Do you know if she is on those ? Because i always get lost between music awards, Europe music awards, video music awards etc.
  8. TonyMontana

    How cool !!!!
  9. TonyMontana

    This is amazing. Thanks for sharing
  10. TonyMontana

    Don't ask me why bit i think we will get new music sooner than expected.
  11. TonyMontana

    She doesn't have the luxury of time, she has got to say what's on her mind !
  12. TonyMontana

    (I don't count the Madame X tour video has it's a given) but what do you believe is coming next in her career ? Movie directing ? New album inspired by what happened/is happening in the world (quarantine, black lives matter...) ? Something else ?
  13. TonyMontana

    I actually find that pre-digital music sounds better and has more depth than current music.
  14. TonyMontana

    Wannabes ? Yeah gotta love them. Wonder what they're up to now...
  15. TonyMontana

    That gif has never been so relevant