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  1. Madonna is the most photographed woman in the world. I've been saying it for years. There is absolutely no doubt about it. Being photographed for almost 40 years, count every paparazzy shots, press shots, official shooting, fans pictures etcs... no question about it.
  2. Just my personnal impression. I kinda notice when she tries to be polite about something or someone . Maybe i'm wrong, time will tell. I bet in the end she will cast a underground actress that almost no one knows.
  3. They really need to relax on the filters on her pics, they do her no favor, people will only get more arshe on her seeing how she really looks like in real life vs what she posts on her insta. A little editing is ok, but this is another level. I like to see Madonna for what she really is, not a fake person.
  4. I seriously wouldn't be surprised, and i'm not even kidding, if Madonna gives the part to her daughter Lourdes. Now if Lola would accept or not is another story but i wouldn't be surprised m asks Lola first.
  5. The way she says "She's up there in the list" means she's actually not in the list anymore at all 😂 that is soooo Madonna when she's trying to be polite.
  6. From DrownedMadonna ; Madame X has arrived in Times Square
  7. So then we can finally close the Madame X chapter and move on to the next era yayyyyy !!!
  8. Well i guess Madonna decides what she wants precisely for her hair and make up. Nobody decides for her. She tells the make up guy/girl what she wants and he executes. If it's not what she wants we all know she's not one to be afraid to tell it. The way she decides to look is nobody else but Madonna's choice, wether we like it or not.
  9. And then on her instagram story, from the same night....
  10. I believe it's a mix of the two 😉 Surprise appearance - Opening the VMA's - talking just 1 minute to say just "Welcome to the VMA'S / They said we wouldn't last - then living. All of this is excatly like Michael Jackson's surprise opening at the VMA'S 1994. I'm aware she also references herself with MTV in 1991 when she said "they said i wouldn't last" but the way she made it is obviously a wink to what Michael did. People complained that was too short and were like WTF ? But Madonna has a huge pop culture and knows exactly what she is doing, and as W magazine states, that Michael opening is not very often mentionned and not many people remember it.
  11. I don't know if it's already been posted, don't think so ; a very interesting article from "W" that explain that Madonna's surprise VMA opening is actually an hommage to Michael Jackson's VMA surprise opening in 1994. As always with Madonna, there is a meaning or a reference behind what she did. https://www.wmagazine.com/culture/madonna-vmas-michael-jackson
  12. What's the thing with George Clooney ?seems like i missed it. Can someone tells me ?
  13. Last time she appeared at the VMA's we got this look And today she's at the VMA'S and she has posted that video a few hours ago with similar braids lol Thank god it's just a coincidence and she will not have the idea to pay hommage to that erm erm 'unique' look from the 2018 VMA's lol.
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