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  1. From the comments i was expecting something bad and unlistenable but it sounds good actually ! The production is very good and the effect on her voice is interesting. No cheap autotune here, the effect is way more sophisticated. Reminds me of the slow down effect on her voice on the opining line of "Music". The only thing is that it sounds dated. It would have sounded hot 10 or 15 years ago. Good remix anyway, way better than the remixes we usually get. It sounds a bit Daft Punk.
  2. Obviously when she made a poll asking what we want "Movie or tour" she was implying what do you want first. In the Vanity fair interview she clearly says she's doing both : “I’m very excited about the challenges that come my way. I’m about to create another live show, and I’ve been working for several years on the screenplay about my life.” So it's never been one OR the other. Of course she could have decided to scrap the movie since the interview but at least it kills the argument that she scrapped it because we chose the tour on the poll. That said i'm certain the movie isn't scrapped. It's just gossips since she announced she's gonnna do a world tour + the poll asking what we want (first). Then two months after the end of the tour you will see those same websites making headlines about "Madonna changed her mind and is finally making her biopic"... No surprise here.
  3. Looks fake, he says she didn't want to portray anything bad about her in the movie but on the few exerpts we've seen when she made that video with the notes on the dashboard there were one where she mentionned doing coke with Debbie. Also he was casted to dance on the movie or train other dancers for the movie he wouldnt had been given the full script so how can he know the full storyline ??! I don't buy it at all.
  4. Yes but i believe she would have deleted that line from the interview before it was posted online. Anyway we have no official statement it's been scrapped and i'm sure it's just delayed, no scrapped. I believe she realised a movie is not long enough for telling her story and life and that we will get a mini serie. She mentionned it during the lives that she was having a hard time telling all she wants to tell in one movie. I totally see her making a mini serie on Netflix in 2024 or 2025. The project will take another form, mark my words.
  5. Remember that insider in Pop Justice, about two years ago, said that the plan was a multi-release plan ; new music / tour / movie at the same time so that she can would be everywhere. From the look of it seems like he could be right once again. He didn't post anything since that time.
  6. This 100%. No way the movie us scrapped for good. She mentionned she is still doing it in her new Vanity Fair interview. If the interview was months ago old she would have make them delete that line. She for sure read the thing just before it's been posted online. When she asked us if we want a new tour or a movie it was more like what do you want first. She knew the result of the poll would be the tour, of course. She's a smart business woman, she knows a movie cost a lot of money (she mentionned it already), she knows with a greatest hits tour with expensive arena deats she will earn a lot, then she can fund the movie by herself and do it as she wants (maybe a serie who knows, she also mentionned it once). The movie will happen, one way or another. She knows a movie on her life will be in the making in the near future, remember she read about it and was furious. That's why she decided to make her movie, because to quote her "her story can be told only by herself". She also knows that after making a good greatest hits tour and maybe a good new album people will be into her, she will be back on top and the movie will be even more succesfull. The movie is just delayed, not scrapped. Anyway no one, nor her or someone from her team said the movie was scrapped, it's just gossip at this point.
  7. Great news. She has confirmed the movie is still happening in the new Vanity Fair interview !
  8. The MADONNA World Tour Now this is epic. Brilliant. Nothing to add.
  9. It's like i've seen this thread for 7 seven years... I visit the thread about once a week like i'd visit an old ederly friend. Sometimes i believe we will see the second coming of the Christ before that legendary career spanning plan...
  10. You said it... I get excatly what you mean about only getting those party paparazzi pics on magazines and it was food for soul for weeks ! I would go back to that without a second though, especially that very period (around 1997) that you've posted about... Magical.
  11. Absolutely. That performance has always been "apart" for me, very like a "transition" performance, look and choreo wise. There were elements from the Who's that girl tour ; the black corset witn the black pants which is basically the costume from "Open your heart", also the beginning of the performance where she is seen in shadow behind a white screen posing on the chair, exactly like the intro of the OYH performance on the WTGT and yet there are also elements from the upcoming era ; the remix of Express Yourself especially the intro wich is musically the same as the intro of tte BAT and also as you mention the premiere of the Voguing choreo ! And i'd say that the hairdo is a mix between who's that girl tour and BAT curls !
  12. This thread is the biggest flop of my career on Infinity. I should consider a 'make a setlist" thread to make a succesfull comeback....
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