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  1. After many years as an active member on this forum i still wonder where is that infamous ignore button. I've never seen it anywhere !!
  2. Looks like many people just woke up now. For me i haven't been surprised at all by the video, i've been realistic about her going downhill since 2008. Sure at that time the fall was going very slow and many fans didn't notice but to me after Confessions and her divorce things habe started to go downhill. The thing is that for a couple of months/years the downfall is going faster so it's more and more obvious to more and more people/fans, but as i said for me i do not expect anything brilliant and top notch anymore from her. Am i a bad fan ?, an ageist ?, call me whatever reassure your delusionnal conscience, but you're not fooling anyone, not even yourself. In the end i'm just realistic about the state of Madonna, who in 2022 just do everything she forbade herself to do all along her life and career, which includes not going to the gym, eating everything she wants, smoke cigarets and even weed sometimes, drink a lot of alcohol (cause yes she does) and as a result she's just not the proffesional and the perfectionist she used to be and her work reflects that. Add to it the over use of very badly done plastic procedures and over use of sexual antics and here you have Madonna in 2022. Do i like it ? Of course not really cause i know she's able to do so much better. Do i blame her ? Not really, all other celebrities have had serious breakdowns way before her (even though about Madonna i don't think we can call it a breakdown). Now the question is, would have i prefer if she retire and not expose to the world her downfall ?! in a sens yes but in a selfish way no, cause i prefer seeing her at low then not seeing her at all, sorry to say but once again i'm being realistic. If we keep on expecting her to get back to the top of the game we're in for serious disappointments everytime she releases new music of new videos. I'm not saying this is not gonna happen or that it is not possible but i just say chanced are not very high. Things are what they are and we just have to admit, live with it and be realistic.
  3. Damn you are so right ! They actually do look so alike !!!
  4. I know i will be crucified for doubting it but i'm not convinced the pic is genuine. I don't know, when you zoom some parts looks sharper and some other parts looks blurry (in the hair, the earring etc...). The back of the hair looks also doctored. I also can't link that shot the gloss magazine one, the lenght of the hair, the clothes etc... and that ribbon she has in her hair, looks like a satin ribbon for a present, she never wore these kind of ribbons in her hair at that time. Also the ratio /proportions of her eye compared to nose and the size of her chin... Call me crazy but i have doubts about that pic... it's like the shot has been totally built with various parts of different Madonna pics from that era (exept the ribbon and the body/clothes wich probably doesn't belong to any Madonna pictures).
  5. No no and no ! Almost everything in the world suits Madonna's face exept two things : Braids (they looked good on a few occasions in the 90's but now it's a nightmare for a face) and bangs ; while she never looked THAT horrible she never really looks stunning with bangs. Lola on the other hand is at the total opposite, she looks way better with a band like last night.
  6. Unseen photoshoot pic or montage ?? I believe this is a montage but not sure :
  7. Actually "Danceteria" would be an amazing album title for a new Madonna album. Makes so much sense, this is where it all started, the place where she danced nights after nights, the place Where good music was playing, the place where her first yrack has been played for the first time. She even could have called her new dance remixes compilation "Danceteria" instead of FEL. Anyway she's gotta use that title at some point, obviously !
  8. They both look amazing here ! That hair color on Madonna makes wonder and that hair style on Lola is the best she has ever had.
  9. New pics - Last night. The styling is way better ! She look fierce (minus the corset, Someone should tell her corsets are absolutely out of fashion in every ways possible) but overwall she look hot !
  10. a Frozen remix is never cancelled, just delayed ...
  11. He has a strange reaction here, as he gave her the award it looks like she wants to kiss him but he immediately move his head away and leave. She makes a strange face ans seems disturbed during her speech. She then says "I guess this is the closest i'll get to George Clooney". Anyone knows more about it ? https://www.instagram.com/reel/CiMimt3qSok/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
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