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  1. TonyMontana

    Wow i want this magasine !!!
  2. TonyMontana

    Have you notice the pic ?!
  3. TonyMontana

    I'm obsessed with the Eurovision snippet. The background music and the way she talks... this is already up there with the best things she has ever made. It sounds like nothing else a pop star has ever made. That snippet alone is already the best thing she has done in years. I have chills listening to that part.
  4. TonyMontana

    Nice video. She looks so beautiful and i agree with some other comments i get 90's videos vibe.
  5. TonyMontana

    I see i'm not the only one who has no clue where that Q & A is happening !
  6. I'm a bit disappointed she has changed her vocals. There was nothing horrible about the original ones and she should have assumed it and kept her head high like "So what, i missed a few notes but i'm proud of my amazing prestation and i had the balls to do it". Changing the vocals is a bit like giving the haters what they want and in way saying they were right.
  7. TonyMontana

    Same here ! The snippet from yesterday is gorgeous !!!!
  8. Lol that made me laugh. That's exactly what i told him and what i will do. I will not share anything Madonna related with him anymore.
  9. Now i even had an argument with my bf over the preformance... he didn't get the perormance at all... it went that far that now we do not even talk to each other ! He said things like "Anyway you're a fan and you love everything she does"and it just drove me mad cause i'm absolutely not that kind of fan, actually i find it so reductive. We've been together for five years and he knows me but saying things like that feels like he just doesn't know me at all...
  10. Wow so not only some people who didn't enjoy the performance think we are forcing ourselves to love it but also know for a fact M herself didn' t like what she has done ! Can you also tell us what she feels like having for breakfast today ?
  11. And the message guys ! She clearly throw shades during the "Dark ballet"interlude... I am so proud of her, cause she didn't came to entertain people but to deliver a message.
  12. Oh and i absolutely adore the "Dark ballet" snippet ! By the way, during "Dark ballet", on the screens there was video footage that i've never seen, it's her, right ?
  13. Ok, i finished work and got home. I was really impatient to see the performance that almost everyone, fans including, found terrible. I was really expecting to hate it myself too. And you know what, i must be coming from another planet or something, because i absolutely adore the performance in every way possible. I am very critical with M, the total opposite to a deluded fan who loves everything she does. Foe example, and i know it will qhock many fans but i almost haven't liked anything she's done from 2008 till Rebel heart included. I started appreciate her work again with Madame X, so i'm far from being a "yes" fan. This performance is absolutely stunning, so theatrical and mystical. Like a wonderful classical dancing ballet. I really don't get the issues with her singing in "Like a prayer"because i found she sang it almost perfectly (just two or three little out of tune notes) but i heard way worse from her. I find she sang better live now than a few years ago. Ok "Future" is not exactly her strongest single this i admit but it fits well in the performance. I brings a light bowl of fresh hair after the darkness of the first tavleau without being too festive, which would be out of place. I find the performance is better than the Billboard music awards one. I'm really in love with what she has presented tonight. It has depth, same depth as when she was performing "Frozen" back in 1998. That was perfect from my eyes and my ears. One of her best performance in a long time. It has class, it has depth, it is pure art. I've been missing that Madonna. 10 out of 10 for me.
  14. It's already all over the news here in France with titles like "Madonna out of tune"... oh Madonna what have you done lol. I love her, i wanna hug her in moments like now 💜💖💜