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  1. Ooooh you're relaxing me man, thank you ... I was preoccupied #copacabanaforrain
  2. Whaaaat? Why no news about last night guys??? Anybody mexican here? I need to read "Rain got back at her place", c'me on!
  3. Ok wow, so we're gonna have two professional recordings of the show! This is amazing and makes still more sense the rumour M was rehearsing Music in Austin, she could really make some small chenges or additions. Well, this means that wigs, skirts and especially setlists are gonna be essential these days ... And it MUST be Rain!!
  4. Ok, the first pic for me is almost perfect, among some selected nice other shots
  5. I know, many people feel like EY deserved a performance in full mode and I understand what you mean about the imaginary of it. At the same time, you know, I always felt that the positive vibes of the album version had something special and this acoustic so unexpected and nicely executed folk version makes me feel it in a way. So, personally, I'm ok also with the acoustic tribute we got. Definitely agree about LAP and, as I wrote in my post, about the time dedicated to the catholic theme. Thanks for your answer man, I'm in a closing mood with this tour and I think that final feelings and opinions are the most interesting ones, cause we completely know and understand the project and at the same time it's not passed and old yet
  6. This is interesting ... I don't know how could it work honestly, as the meaning and the mood of the set was pretty coherent with DCFMA, but Music would really deserve her spot in the show. I would love it to be the finale guys, it's so much her place getting the playa jumping and screaming ANYWAY, starting by that, I have a curiosity now, whoever will be so kind to answer The Celebration tour is basically perfect and (except the Take a bow catastrophe of course: #copacabanaforrain ) I never wanted to add stupid personal stuff to spoil the experience and the joy everybody felt in these months. At the same time, the tour is ending now and I'm very curious to know: if you could change, add, cut just two things to arrange the show to your personal taste even more, what would they be? Just two, in the structure M wanted and created for her show. Mine are (considering Rain or Frozen for the last segment, as originally conceived) Cutting BIM and getting to Music when she gets the central stage, dancing it with all the cast for a bigger and more impactful finale I'm a great supporter and fan of the 80% of Madame X and I think that the catholic religion segment should have been a little longer. So after LAP I would have loved a one minute and a half performance of Dark Ballet, with Christ and the damned souls becoming oppressors on her. I think the sound of the Act of Contriction reversed choir and the Prince's electric guitar solo entering on the dramatic piano closing of Dark Ballet would have created an even more powerful effect of pain, violence and sacredness.
  7. I adored this tour, it's been and will always be one of her best works ever (especially now that she is surely get RAIN back at her place, after the US league ) and she was able to combine the perfect mix of artsy theatre, disco explosions, punk-rock attitude, rough and acoustic singalong connection, with a setlist wich offered everything both, the general public and the hardcore fans, would ever ask, from Vogue to Bad girl. SAID THAT, I'm supersupersuper excited for the huge bang we are expecting for the 6 last shows BUT it really's got to end now imo. For her, who's comprehensibly tired and maybe even bored, deserving at least a two, three months of full fun and rest (next summer must be the best of her life guys: she went out from the hospital, where she was dieing, straight to the rehearsals room), but also for us who deserve new material and experiences as further steps, especially new music after a 5 years pause (and maybe more). So let's enjoy these amazing nights and the big worldwide streamed 4th of may event and let the Celebration tour go for good
  8. Oh my god the video is really beautiful, thank you, but this take a bow thing is such a downer If it's true that she sang it for the US league, all my hopes are for Mexico City to get a comeback of the original setlist, I'm ok even with Frozen at this point
  9. Ahah, I saw the thread had many new posts so I thought something happened, sorry
  10. while it would simply take to share ... I don't know, the Why's it so hard original raggae demo for example, to silence people like me for a while
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