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  1. Let me wake this thread up. If I had a download link to something there’d be 500 people @RUADJAI @deathproof @Jackie @Roy @Andreo @scallywally @Dazedmadonna Friends let’s celebrate
  2. Not on the first page ma’am keep your thoughts to yourself
  3. If anyone has any demos now is the time to release them
  4. Five years ago on Friday June 14th 2019, one of Madonna's best albums was released! It delivered innovation, visuals, themes, personas, and an era unlike anything we've witnessed before!! Let's all celebrate this immaculate album that deserves to be treated better than it was on release! The Artistry: The Visuals: The Album: Performances: The Documentary:
  5. The way all the Erotica outtakes need to be released if the reissues actually happen.

    - Dear Father

    - Shame

    - You Are The One

    - GTI (Straight Pass)

    - Love Hurts

  6. It’s honestly criminal if she skips debut for LAV. I know LAV is bigger but Debut sweeps the floor with LAV. Think of Me alone clears every track on LAV
  7. Umm wtf why would he say that out of the blue. Didn’t she just have him at the tour? And why did he work with her on 3 albums if the thinks that
  8. Well I agree they need to make another record together. Id hardly say MX is trap tho. Only like 2/18 songs are even close to it. Maybe you mean Rebel Heart? A Stuart Price and Max Martin full album would be AMAZING. I agree we can keep Mike Dean FAR away from it plz
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