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  1. How High and Like It Or Not reminds me of Depeche Mode as well as Goldfrapp. Forbidden Love, Sorry, Let It Will Be (especially the Confessions Tour Version), Future Lovers, and Jump are a great tracks too, but Hung Up is inevitably iconic. Thanks @Curtains. This album is a piece of ART! 💜💜💜✨✨✨
  2. I'm in love with this song. I've been looking for this song since I was a kid. I only discovered it just last night while listening to their 1990 album Behaviour.



    1. chaosmen1984mk


      It is one of my favorite songs of these true geniuses of music. Another song that I also like and that is not very popular is Dj Culture, specifically the 7 Mix version, in whose video we can see “Madonna” for a few seconds.

    2. Robertson Penn

      Robertson Penn

      Lemme watch that Music Video. I'm liking Pet Shop Boys now.

  3. I also imagine Madonna dancing on this song in her bedroom alone. We all know she's a fan of this duo #petshopboys:laughing:


  4. Last week, I was listening to The Clash, then Joy Division, now, I'm addicted to Pet Shop Boys...


    Abc Dancing GIF by Sesame Street

    1. professormouse


      'Results' was planned for Donna Summer originally.

  5. Not a remix but for me, Open Your Heart (Video Version) and Papa Don't Preach (Video Version) are better than the album versions. There are remix songs of hers that for me better than the album versions, just having a hard time to choose...
  6. Listening to Pet Shop Boys makes me realize that I should've watched the @InterlacedGeek's upscaled video of Discovery: Live in Rio 1994. Sucks that I only watched first 2 songs on the performance.

  7. She looks great. Hoping she could be a part of it.
  8. Wondering who will be playing the little Madonna? Anyway, congrats to Julia Garner, I watched some of her interviews and I like her personality. Great choice! 💙✨
  9. I'm wrong about what I've said before that BAT Dortmund is the most underrated Blond Ambition Tourdate, I realized it was BAT Landover MD. 

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    2. wonderboy


      I would DIE to see landover again, I was there! it was my 1st ever concert!

    3. Robertson Penn

      Robertson Penn

      Lucky you, wishing there is a footage no matter if that's pro-shot or audience cam, even just a snippet of Express Yourself like the rest of tourdates did, because no one ever talked about it.

    4. wonderboy


      We had seen the clips already so when knew what was coming but most concert goers around us had NO IDEA what they were about to see. When LIKE A VIRGIN started all hell broke loose in the crowd, I'd never seen anything like it, watching the crowd react to M was almost as good as watching her directly. Since it was my first concert I made the rookie mistake of hitting the merch booth before the show instead of after, I had spent a small fortune, had a huge stack of shirts & 2 books, etc stuffed under my seat. When LAV came on & people jumped to their feet, literally everyone behind me inadvertenly knocked their drinks over and my pile of merch got ruined by a river of soda & beer. I almost cried.  I still have all my stained stuff and beer soaked books lol

  10. Idk why am I crying over Ian Curtis' life (the lead vocalist of Joy Division) 😭

    1. professormouse


      'coz his band was all set to become the biggest in the world.
      But he killed himself.
      It makes no sense.

    2. Robertson Penn

      Robertson Penn

      Adding the fact that his epilepsy and his divorce make it even worse to his life and career. So sad 😭

    3. professormouse


      I guessing you have the Paradiso bootleg album ?
      It does explain what all the fuss about them live was.

  11. Happy for Nobody Knows me on 2nd. I even love both the Reinvention tour and also the MDNA tour backdrop versions. ✨💙 Thanks @Curtains ✨, can't wait for Confessions... album megarate 🌹
  12. I will be your father figure
    I have had enough of crime
    I will be the one who loves you
    'Til the end of time


  13. Idk but I'm loving this emoji rn 😂😂



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