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  1. Do you have a higher quality version of it? And is there any way to tell the date of this?
  2. That's not real. Its an AI photo that has been circulating before last night. Also wrong topic...
  3. Must have been $340 Canadian dollars because the jacket was always $250 US dollars in her store. But even so 300 Canadian at the show is a great deal. Especially with no added tax and shipping
  4. First of all the Immaculate Collection version is an edit since it’s almost a minute shorter. And it’s much better done than the 7” which sounds pretty choppy to me. All the EPs you listed have more unique mixes that were not previously available (at least in theory since they fucked up some). And also it’s back when singles went on the release radar and they were producing new streams. Now they don’t. And I’m not saying it shouldn’t be released. I just don’t get why there’s so much drama over it. We just got I’ll Remember with promo only mixes!
  5. Though I do agree that the campaign is most likely fine I don’t see what being on tour has to do with anything. It’s not like she was toiling day and night over these releases. And we all know she’s able to focus on other projects while on tour
  6. I don’t understand the drama. There’s no reason to release Live To Tell as a digital EP. We have the album version, the TIC edit and the live version already available on streaming platforms
  7. It’s so weird to see a blond ambition photo with the microphone removed.
  8. Of course they are. Everything they released so far was as well
  9. As far as I know we have no idea how long she was in LA in February, do we? The Lucky Star video was undoubtedly shot in one day. Could have been days before borderline…
  10. The Borderline video was shot around February 12th. Madonna was on her European promo tour until January 30th
  11. Can anyone translate this? https://kro-ncrv.nl/madonna-60-jaar
  12. Can someone delete this inaccurate thread?
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