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  1. A500

    A song like BMI is already enough, no please.
  2. A500

    is this thread about Madonna's new album or something else??
  3. A500

    I love incredible, probably just too long, the first verses are amazing, it was love at first hear for me
  4. All songs were remixed by Shep Pettibone, that's why they sound different.
  5. A500

    Now after the commercial
  6. http://www.chetempochefa.rai.it/dl/portali/site/dirette/PublishingBlock-3ea08ada-2bcd-4a74-9bc1-1d2a925e93c9-page.html
  7. A500

    Streaming: http://www.chetempochefa.rai.it/dl/portali/site/dirette/PublishingBlock-3ea08ada-2bcd-4a74-9bc1-1d2a925e93c9-page.html