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  1. My personal favorite is Something to remember but The Immaculate Collection IS the best and definitive greatest hits ever.
  2. There is actually a difference between third and final Miami date (official statement) and last and final show (Madonna IG) Also because this is not the last show, which is Mexico April 26. I wonder if she really wants to clarify that they won't add any more shows in the tour or simply say that it's the final Miami show. At the same time, the official statement says the tour will wrap in Mexico. But that's how it is at the moment...
  3. Surrender to the pleasure (wanting) When we breath in together (waiting) It's either now or never (for you) This feeling will take over Another reference from RH album: Truth or dare, don't be scared, yeah Let me solve your mystery
  4. If the show started at 1030, she might not be there yet Pity we don't have periscope anymore, any live on IG?
  5. Has this (almost) full video of Jan 24 been shared already?
  6. @RUADJAI Not exactly what we wanted, but better than nothing @Frank It seems I can't capture this specific video... :(
  7. We could have had Niki and Donna but got Toschifa instead (In Italian schifa means horrible) I only hope she is not in the video release I had zero hope for the girls. But there was at least a possibility as Vogue judges
  8. @RUADJAI I was going to post the same topic! They are singing many M songs: Nothing really matters Open your heart La isla bonita Rain Someone please capture this! https://thegreenroom42.venuetix.com/show/details/TIb75LksneqPlSciu0WW/1706486400000 I am working early tomorrow so I really can't stay awake until 3am...
  9. Can anyone tell me if the new graphic tshirts are on sale only at the popup store or also at the venues?
  10. I think we shouldn't confuse songs expressly created for a soundtrack with songs that have been only used in a movie, like Jump.
  11. Impossible! I voted Crazy for you only because it received 0 votes, it's the first Madonna ballad and I remember the fan dedication during RIT. Very happy that I'll remember is winning. Time stood still deserves inclusion in the poll. I can surely name the least favourite: Die another day.
  12. Although BAT and WTG (and GS) probably remain my favourite, they are also the ones I didn't attend. Celebration tour is the one I enjoyed the most in person, maybe also because of the quality of seats and floor position. But RHT holds a special place because of the surprise songs, and it was very enjoyable to watch it live every night through Periscope with the other infinity members. It's the tour that brought me to this forum.
  13. So: Will Niki and Donna - who are performing in New York tonight - be invited as guest for tomorrow's last show at MSG? I have the impression they'd love to, but will M please the fans?
  14. No time to hesitate You'll wake up one day but it'll be too late If you don't want to go, I'll go! And celebrate my 50th birthday on March 3rd in S F
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