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  1. I love this shot so much And I edited the shot into a 7 second silent loop for those who want to download it and just take it all in: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/05195eacb0927a66d0839d1a783fab7720210913203837/6bf499
  2. Thank you so much everyone! These ideas are excellent. I wouldn't mind attempting to re-do GHV2 or Celebration, they have their own pros and cons but are nowhere near TIC's excellence so something to elevate them could be a good challenge. (Same with turning Rebel Heart into a 'finished' product...) At the moment I think I'll do a single album box set, then look at something more career-spanning in the future.
  3. I've recently been inspired to look at making another Madonna box set design project, after The Immaculate Collection and Erotica. I have some ideas of my own about what's next and what I should do, but while we wait for news about the upcoming remasters/packages from Warner, I thought I'd ask what is your ultimate M box set and what should it include? Can be a specific album, a compilation, or whatever you want. Also if you didn't like my first two, let me know - constructive criticism is a huge help! Quick reminder of what my other ones were: https://www.behance.net/gallery/92913091/Madonna-The-Immaculate-Collection-30th-Anniversary https://www.behance.net/gallery/104612089/Madonna-Erotica-(Expanded-Box-Set)
  4. Thanks everyone. I've done some tiny updates to it since its release, the biggest being making the vinyl cover the same silver foil as the digipak. I'd love to do another one but need to find the time - and pick what to do! Suggestions welcome.
  5. Found that source - thank you @deathproof for your OG post in another thread (https://madonna-infinity.net/forums/topic/29141-rare-japanese-edit-of-vogue/) - So I think I'm half right and half wrong: the Single Version is an edit of a longer original mix, but the original mix isn't the I'm Breathless Edit either. See below: http://thebeatswithin.blogspot.com/2011/05/goh-hotoda-we-love-you.html
  6. You're both right - ideally the Spotify album should call it the Single Version. My argument is that the Single Version is the first original mix of Vogue that they completed and got ready for radio. Then when they heard the Bette Davis Dub, they added that intro to the Single Version to create the Edit which was used for the album. Again, I wish I remembered my source for this sorry!
  7. I know the explanation for this but I can't remember where I read it sorry (might have been someone on here). Vogue's original mix was the single version (4:23). When the remixes were done, the intro of the Bette Davis Dub was so excellent that someone had the idea to make that the introduction to the song, and that became the album version (4:49) on I'm Breathless. So because the single mix came first, it's listed as "Vogue" in their databases, and I'm Breathless' version is the (longer) "Edit". Then they made it even longer on TIC a few months later (5:17). Someone please correct me if I have the wrong info
  8. +1 for MusicBee, it's so much easier and its autotagging search features are fantastic. I then sync everything from MusicBee to dedicated Spotify playlists for listening on the go.
  9. Oh wow it looks fantastic! Her team are on a ROLL!
  10. No Edit One or Edit Two everything else looks fantastic though! Source: Madonna Australia (https://www.facebook.com/MadonnaAustralia)
  11. I tried, and I saw a lot of activity on twitter trying to tag them and send it to them, but nothing ever came of it unfortunately. I'd love to have helped with an IC30 campaign so they just need to message me @brad.kiwi on Instagram
  12. I'm still waiting for her to call me and ask to borrow my design files 😂 https://www.behance.net/gallery/92913091/Madonna-The-Immaculate-Collection-30th-Anniversary
  13. This is gorgeous! So clean and beautiful, and it would look great as a streaming cover next to the Madame X deluxe album cover. Love it love it love it
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