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  1. of course you do sweetie. I´d like her to open the shows with Veni vidi venci, talk about retrospectiveness and it could be imperial.
  2. I meant since 2020, Madame x apart. I loved Rebel heart and MDNA!
  3. ROL really allowed Madonna to have a second imperial phase and it´s consireded but most of critics and many fans her magnus opus, and it´s a gem of an album in every sense, a timeless gem who changed the pop world.
  4. Yes but when a member is positive and loves everything she does and truly says it we destroy that member, so well, LOL, I don´t know how to act in this board!! This is so hilarious as Madonna´s last 3 years of carreer. Truly!
  5. Oh great, I hope this is included too in her new album that she has been cooking with Sam and Pat Leonard too, supossedly!
  6. Yes, it´s between Ghostown and Girld gone wild, love both songs by the way.
  7. While she promoted Madame x she said she had been depressed for the last 3 last years, I remember that.
  8. Thinking again I noticed really MDNA, the brutalised album here, had very personal lyrics about her breaking up with Guy Ritchie: Love spent, best friend, I fucked up and many more. There she was telling her story. Maybe MDNA is her most honest and brutal album to the date.
  9. I think she has been super depressed since I don´t know when, maybe since 2016 or something, ergo all the carreer and personal evolution since Rebel Heart era. When I said that I was called names here, but hey, that´s my opinion. The good thing it´s I feel she is getting better and motivated again with this tour. 2023 for Madonna is giving me truly amazing vibes. Let´s celebrate her.
  10. I don´t understand quite well what does that mean that an album is honest. But if we are understanding she did what she wanted mainly withouting trying to sell out on a record, or that she spoke more her inner thoughts than in others, I think COADF is one of her less honests, so Hard Candy is, cause I think she did those albums to recover audience mainly, even If i think they are very good both, at their own styles. But maybe LAP? ROL? American Life? I think in those 3 she revelealed a lot about her personal world, each one at their respective moments.
  11. I ve got the feeling this time, with the Celebration tour coming soon, it will be more related to strong vocals and musicality than to scandal for the sake of it. At the end of the day, they both amazing voices and are iconic, so why not?
  12. I can´t wait to hear those two amazing voice belting together!
  13. I´ve got the feeling it might be a big vocal colaboration, lush, electronic..a la Ray of light. These might be one of her best ever. The diva is returning!! I´m excited.
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