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Favorite tour performance of Like A Virgin


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  1. 1. Which is your favorite ICONIC performance

    • Virgin Tour
    • Who's That Girl
    • Blonde Ambition
    • Girlie Show
    • Confessions Tour
    • Sticky And Sweet
    • MDNA
    • Rebel Heart

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Which is your favorite tour performance of Like A Virgin? Are you here for the parody? How about the chilling? Controversial? Carefree? Rebirth? 

Discuss below! 

I will be making more topics like this comparing different tour versions of songs.

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in my opinion, the version performed on The MDNA Tour was her most emotional in a while. M never showed this song in such a romantic, heartbroken way, it gave the entire song a completely different value. the Rebel Heart version was incredible too, because it took it back to its roots, but at the same time taking it to a new place. 

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I love them all, I decided to send my vote to WTGT because I musically adore the medley with Sugar Pie Honey Bunch and I like the interaction with Chris. But the BAT version is so iconic and RHT version so carefree and giving the idea that 30 years have not passed!

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Blond Ambition! Confessions is also a favorite. I loathe the MDNA version.

I agree.


Blond Ambition is the best for me, musically and performance-wise, followed by CT.


I like it from the VT and WTGT, as i like the Billie Jean and I Can't Help Myself inclusions - they were cute!


I hate, hate, hate TGS and MDNAT versions. I didn't like the put on German accent, the sound and the look from TGS. The MDNAT version fell flat for me - i don't think it worked at all. I wish she never included LAV on the MDNAT and did a full performance of Love Spent instead, which was stunning, and how the studio/album "acoustic" version should have sounded.


I don't dislike her performance on the RHT, as it had energy, but, i don't like the mix used. Sorry. Dens54 is fantastic and I think the vast majority of his mixes are sensational, but I'm not really into that particular remix of LAV personally. I often used to think that she should perform WIFLFAG based on the segment of his Le Grand Set mix. Slightly upbeat/dancey, with the Frozen percussion and Papa Don't Preach strings - it would be awesome. Saying that, that mix is mind blowing so any part performed live or being inspiration for a live performance would be very exciting.


Not a tour performance, but the acoustic version she did in France on the AL promo tour (i think??), where she says "vive l'France" near the end was great for Me.



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