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  1. Love Madonna with all my heart but shes not the Divine or God lol I cant make out but one line of what Ariana is singing
  2. Wish there was a Hate filter or a way to block people who spread immature virtual acid.

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    2. Unapologetic-Jay


      Totally agree, like if you don't like whats on the other side of the door, make like a tree and SHHHHHHHHH 😂😂

    3. Fighter


      As we approach the new album era we're gonna get pretty tough and clean house. We won't tolerate any such BS. 

    4. Dunk96


      I agree. We should also start patching up things with Gaga fans too. It's a tired and bitter feud that should end. We need to come together as fan bases especially in the world's dark times of hopelessness and despair,

  3. so no artist is allowed to speak Madonna's name then. it's all about publicity. inserting eye roll here.
  4. Based on record sales, it's only fans buying anyway lol
  5. Not believing anything til it's out. Amazing how so many people who don't even know Madonna act like they know Madonna or what she is doing at every moment of the day.
  6. They make her lips looked banged up But she doesn't care what anyone thinks so we might as well put up with it. Remembering how important looking good is to her, it surprises me some things she wears.
  7. scottyj

    Call sunrise records at micmac mall in dartmouth ns. They prob do mail orders. They had copies of both rsd issues come in late. The guy told me no one even wanted them. Priced still at the normal cost Or look up sunriserecords Dartmouth location on facebook
  8. scottyj

    It is because the winner was leaked in the early season. Now for the finale They record each person winning and show only the winner in the end
  9. scottyj

    Notice how they kept.panning away when Eureka was down on the floor lol..the one time they accidentally showed it, she was having a hard time getting up..was not smooth
  10. scottyj

    Maybe just a pic with the both of them to show what coming
  11. scottyj

    It was so exciting back then to know.we would get a full maxi cd of mixes. I loved bringing them to the clubs...many times the DJs wouldnt havent even have heard of them My favs are the like a prayer, express yourself, vogue, nothing really matters
  12. scottyj

    ugh ... mine arrived today from Amazon UK ,, the cover has bent corners and the top seam is completely unglued... who in the heck did Dannii hire to put this together .. some sweat shop in the Outback? lol