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  1. scottyj

    Con or not, I must say I do enjoy getting up early on RSD to go to the local shops and hunt .. not just for Madonna but other things. It takes me back to the OLDEN DAYS when I would sit outside Sam The Record Man waiting for the door to open so I could plow through grabbing records and cd singles ... that reminds me of the glorious morning when I was 16 grabbing copies of her f irst VHS single, Justify My Love. Oh the days... oh the nostolgia .. it used to be my playground.
  2. You are right. Many times, the companies make MORE after an artist dies than when they were alive, and that's alot. Examples, Whitney, Prince, Michael Jackson and on and on the list goes. It's a morbid thought, but seems sometimes people are worth more dead than alive.
  3. One reason is .. The one hit wonders need money. Madonna doesnt have to rehash.
  4. scottyj

    Theres alot of things I dont like, but I'm not leaving the kitchen. In fact, I sit as close to the stove as possible dying for a taste of what shes cooking lol
  5. small video size. hopefully a higher quality will emerge
  6. even if it is a lie, still a fun idea
  7. scottyj

    at this point madonna is rich enough to give away hoards of music. i highly doubt she even cares what is released on RSD. it is all revenue.
  8. scottyj

    I open everything I buy even if I have multiple copies, it isnt like I will ever sell my collection. It is enjoyable for me. I never buy digital. My husband does so I steal his if i actually want it. I will always prefer a physical copy of music. I spent the year buying reissues from many artists and hunting for originals. I like everything from 60s to now.
  9. ya i dont think she has lost her mind, just her ass. i still love her and cant wait to hear something new. i have to say i was not really moved by the speech. It was pretty much a remix of previous speeches she has given. But hey, her heart was in the right place and I guess there are only so many ways to put into words the desire for world peace. We see a video of the whole thing and its easy for us to analyze and bitch moan and complain, myself included, but I am sure if we had been there we would have been mesmerized and eating that ass up - not literally.
  10. Dont forget her ass made her famous at points. Ok her boobies too. We celebrated her ass when it was in sexy poses, why can we not question her ass when it isnt so pretty. I'm not sorry. Its human nature.
  11. I must say that I am disturbed. At first glance I thought was for a joke. Her buttocks look detached from her legs. Nevertheless, I love her, red eyes and balloon butt and all.
  12. scottyj

    Exactly...and consider Rhino doesnt even have to reissue any Madonna...there are a ton of artists they never bother with
  13. scottyj

    Is this confirmed? I mean how does madonnatribe know? I cannot find any info elsewhere