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  1. Pink Vinyl . Black Vinyl . Blue Vinyl. 2 CD Covers. Japan Issue. Picture Disc. Cassette. ALL ordered now if Canadapost would cooperate
  2. scottyj

    Cant you people argue in private. The thread is for all to see and comment on, but I dont think we should have to avoid this thread in order to avoid reading childishness
  3. scottyj

    who posted that song list? madonna?
  4. Lol I'm surprised someone isnt saying that they know the words to the song based on the mouths moving.
  5. scottyj

    Shave her head is my vote.
  6. scottyj

    I never see any of her "religious" inclusions to be sincere. I might be lynched for my opinion but she always aims to elevate herself above God. I would say it is my only qualm about her. Other than that she does very little wrong in my eyes lol
  7. scottyj

    Lol I hope not. A friend of mine tried the rose mist and broke out into a rash
  8. scottyj

    I doubt that anyone can relax at this point. One side is against the orange devil. The other side is nervous that the orange devil is done for.
  9. scottyj

    Aside from touring, I think her range has increased. She is singing just as high as in the early days. I remember the damage to her voice during BAT and I worried about the future singing, but I am always excited when a new album comes and she is stronger than ever each time. Maybe the illuminati did something to increase her range haha
  10. scottyj

    What kind of hearing do you guys have. I got nothin from that tiny sound bite lol
  11. scottyj

    How can we know anything at this point or even guess.
  12. scottyj

    The first remix that impacted me was Causing A Commotion... com ca com com ca-mow-shawn
  13. scottyj

    Some are sneaky tho, Like the hoards of stuff being sold out of Brazil on ebay which are counterfeits of original things. Some are very convincing, so to the unsuspecting they get ripped off thinking they have some rare treasure.
  14. scottyj

    I remember a Jorge who used to share loads of stuff from the madonna irc channel years ago, and he was from chile, the same person? lol