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  1. scottyj

    what did she do?
  2. scottyj

    funny i was using spotifiy when it appeared. too bad a physical release didnt happen. even if just to add supernatural to the cd
  3. scottyj

    Who knows what apple is up to.. they did just fly lil kim to london for a photoshoot... she was live on Instagram talking about it but couldnt give deets
  4. scottyj

    I will always favor the LAP era up to Music.. I wish the excitement would hit me for this era
  5. scottyj

    Am I the only one who loves looking at the side view of Madonna's nostrils
  6. scottyj

    Changed my mind. #relax
  7. scottyj

    i must be the only one who thinks he isnt lol .. but then i like big built hairy guys. what do i know.
  8. scottyj

    Happy birthday dahling .. hope you had some great moments lamb!
  9. scottyj

    You never know. Remember, Bitch, I'm Madonna was nothin but a sashay of celebrities.
  10. scottyj

    pre ordered yay .. i hope tourism comes reissued on vinyl soon
  11. Join this with my post from opening night lol
  12. scottyj

    I just bought a copy lol
  13. scottyj

    hard to find the darn solid colors that arent with the wrong tracks. i see one on ebay but its only listed as mispress not actually saying if the first 4 tracks are incorrect
  14. scottyj

    according to discogs the solid ones have mispressing on side A with first 4 tracks by someone else in hiphop... is yours like that?
  15. scottyj

    mine swirled too but now im going to get the solid ones due to my OCD