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  1. scottyj

    So frustrating! Watch people gouge prices again
  2. I see this lossless list, and wish for it all. lol
  3. please reshare the savage garden white label cd
  4. thanks the link takes us to this message: Yikes, that page can’t be found. Head back to or cheer up your eyes with some nice things we wrote.
  5. scottyj

    Wasnt speaking about anyone specifically...just general nonsense about weight. Lol
  6. scottyj

    People are really getting on my nerves with the weight shit. Obviously they do not know what fat really looks like. Shall I show my big hairy bear belly?
  7. Exactly right..its just louder
  8. scottyj

    new album this year. news on her website. first actual single dropping Oct 5 ":With You"
  9. scottyj

    Love love love love love love love love this new Mariah track .. let the haters .. get the fuck out .. lol get the fuck out ... fuck out.. fuck out.. - officially my newest quote lol
  10. scottyj

    I'm patient..hoping it's worth the wait. Hoping it isnt anything to do with witchcraft. If it is, I will still buy everything for love and collections purpose but I prob wont listen to it lol
  11. I just like the look of them really..nice fillers in the collection
  12. scottyj

    I get all lamby when people request mariah .. shes my madonnaequal
  13. scottyj

    I have the official VHS...but again it wouldnt be hd