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  1. thelioncourtheart_

    We could create separate threads? I posted this in the New Album info thread.
  2. She posted this as a thank you for the contribution to her fundraiser and in celebration of today.
  3. She posted this as a thank you.


  4. thelioncourtheart_

    I wouldn't mind it. She could always flesh out demos or rework them into a bigger concept as Liam mentioned. Maybe what didn't work for one record's sound meshes well with another. She always tends to use lyrics or structures from demos she's never used (that leak after the fact) and reappears in a new track.
  5. thelioncourtheart_

    1. Erotica - Rain 2. Ray of Light - Skin 3. Like a Prayer - the title track 4. Madonna - Physical Attraction 5. Rebel Heart - Messiah 6. American Life - Nothing Fails 7. True Blue - La Isla Bonita 8. Bedtime Stories - Sanctuary 9. Confessions - Get Together 10. Like a Virgin - Dress You Up 11. Music - Paradise (Not For Me) 12. MDNA - Love Spent 13. Hard Candy - Give It 2 Me
  6. thelioncourtheart_

    "They want me to sing what?"
  7. I hope regardless if this is real or not, if leaking manages to happen, her team and her have learned from the previous album and have an alternative plan for the single and album. The last thing we need is a repeat of the whole "Living For Love" dropping and two months of nothing before the promotion began which I understand. If these clips are indeed real, they are very promising. We all have our gripes about her last three albums but it's always an exciting time as a fan when the album is coming and we have no ideas what the subjects, themes, soundscape, imagery she'll bring this time around.
  8. I meant she could post about her birthday on Instagram and do a subtle tease to her upcoming album.
  9. I see her possibly giving us something around her birthday or some announcement or tease. Take another month to herself before kicking into gear the later quarter of this year with the album.
  10. thelioncourtheart_

    In a sense yes but she's adapting to the stage where she's at now and how things operate. Madonna's not stupid. She knows outside of the first single or two, the world is going to be ready to pounce and so she teams up with popular acts and shoots all cannons hoping to chart, gain traction and if it doesn't, it's straight to the tour to make the bulk of her paycheck. She could shell out millions or thousands on videos, promotion and all but the truth of the matter is we probably will not experience another ROL/Music/Confessions peak again unless she has a "Believe" ready to unleash on the world which would catch on. She'll do the usual talk show circuit and some award shows but in this day and age, it's highly unlikely we'll get any VH1 Rising or pieces dedicated to her unless the press decides to adore her out of nowhere. As for her style, I get she's been doing a variation of a look since Re-Invention probably because it's her go to although she's shown to do small modifications to it. I think the last look I liked was the opening segment of MDNA and the parted to one side look she sported during Rebel Heart. I also wonder if she wouldn't be called out for things in this climate especially when she loved doing characters or different looks influenced by cultures, literature without the accusations of appropriating.
  11. thelioncourtheart_

    I love the love she's had for Madonna her whole career.
  12. Sorry all if I have been MIA. The breakup has been harder on me than I thought especially with my ex partner moving on so quickly with some one night stand and flaunting it.

    It's also been difficult to accept I was also assaulted and since we are a community of M fans here, I feel safe enough to tell you all, I was assaulted by my ex and a reason why I've gone for sometime. I appreciate all the love and kind messages some members have sent to me and I will reply to all.

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    2. blondebombshell


      I'm always here if you need to talk. You seem like such a sweet guy. I'm sorry all the bad stuff happened to you. Hoping you recover from breaking up. It will take a while. then once you get thru it. it will make you stronger.   i hope this came out right sweetie. hugs to you. :hug:

    3. ChoirBoyHotel


      Hope you're OK x

    4. cailohfornia


      This happens quite a lot in our "community" and I can attest to how horrible it is! Needless to say, this is a  new beginning for you. I've experienced kinda the same this year and the only solution was to say NO and cut it off completely. 

  13. thelioncourtheart_

    They've been going back and forth leaving these comments about one another and she keeps referring to sex sessions (allegedly) with him and her defending some off color jokes/statements he's made. I'm no SJW but she's almost mocking her fanbase or trolling them hard.
  14. More like since she snapped the pic with Starrah and Billboard.
  15. thelioncourtheart_

    We'll find out tomorrow. If she is on it, great, if she's not, no biggie. Glad there's great admiration and respect between the two although Ariana and that creep she's engaged to are a bit much lately with their cringe sexting through her Instagram comments section.