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  1. thelioncourtheart_

    They've been going back and forth leaving these comments about one another and she keeps referring to sex sessions (allegedly) with him and her defending some off color jokes/statements he's made. I'm no SJW but she's almost mocking her fanbase or trolling them hard.
  2. More like since she snapped the pic with Starrah and Billboard.
  3. thelioncourtheart_

    She used a lot of the discarded musical material for future songs.
  4. thelioncourtheart_

    We'll find out tomorrow. If she is on it, great, if she's not, no biggie. Glad there's great admiration and respect between the two although Ariana and that creep she's engaged to are a bit much lately with their cringe sexting through her Instagram comments section.
  5. Lord Madonna just let us know when it's coming so the meltdowns can stop.
  6. Watch her accidentally leak something without knowing.
  7. thelioncourtheart_

    She mentioned in her interview with Jonathan Ross they were trying to be friends again and that his book hurt her. She made a comment about how family isn't always about relation through blood so it can be implied things were still patchy. Considering the whole Darlene Lutz issue with the auction, who knows now at this point?
  8. Probably let her have the corset and threw her out.
  9. thelioncourtheart_

    I do love the Offer Nissim one for my cardio workouts. The dramatic intro is beautiful. There's clunkers in every remix EP but that one does stand out for me. I've loved the majority of M's remixes done by him. Especially GGW. Yeah, she definitely should have released that song as the lead especially during the winter season as it went perfectly to have a ballad and saved "Living For Love" for around the promotion she originally had set in February.
  10. thelioncourtheart_

    I honestly would want something like Veronica Electronica or something out there (a different take to her work, classics redone) or rarities. Anything already officially released (unless songs that haven't appeared on a record of hers) can be found online or through streaming platforms. If it's new songs, demos, or even shelved material, newly commissioned remixes I would. Similar to "You Can Dance" or Britney's "B In The Mixes" series.
  11. thelioncourtheart_

    It honestly would have benefited along with the ready made live video which could have been the official video similar to "Miles Away." She could have finalized the demo as a radio remix and tossed the fans a bone.
  12. thelioncourtheart_

    Just the usual cash grab and extra incentives for super fans and collectors. The standard was something Madonna but the label wanted which makes no sense to exclude the title track. The definitive version according to the Queen herself is the deluxe and the Super Deluxe is basically the deluxe version if the standard didn't exist. I think having two records compete against themselves especially if released at the same time would have been confusing to the general public outside of fans and super fans plus wanting both to sell equally. The concept is good but the execution in this day and age would be terrible. Fans were mentioning how low stocked some places were with copies and some couldn't find the vinyl or Super Deluxe. I had to go through several stores like Target, Best Buy, FYE to find all three copies but I guess it's easier being categorized as one album rather than REBEL (one) and HEART (two). At least how I think of it when it comes to the double album idea. They probably also didn't want to have her close off her recording contract with two records.
  13. thelioncourtheart_

    I mean I like it and its remixes; but for some reason Messiah stuck with me from the very first teases on Instagram because of the whole "I'll cast a spell" thinking it would be magic or something. WAOM because of the demo and how it transformed from ballad, dance to the final version (though the volume is terrible) just one of my favorite tracks from RH. Would have loved a live performance during the song request but it didn't happen. HBC because of the on/off again with my last ex. Truly expressed what I was feeling and hearing it beautifully mixed with "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" was a fan's dream minus the omission from the DVD/BR. I also like Joan of Arc via the finalized demo version (Ellen version) that was set to be released but scrapped. Those three are just my top three but Ghosttown is great; giving me those Carpenter vibes.
  14. thelioncourtheart_

    Wash All Over Me (if only the mastering/mixing wasn't crap; it's way too low) HeartBreakCity Messiah
  15. thelioncourtheart_

    It seems Madonna and her team are still preventing the use of Arioso and RH demos.