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  1. thelioncourtheart_

    The mix itself is great. Never knew both songs could blend so well. Sure, it could use more Rain portions but it works especially once Annie's voice comes in mixing with Madonna's lighter vocals. Dramatic, theatrical, I love it.
  2. thelioncourtheart_

    Fire Guy Oseary Delete Her Instagram Grillz Missed Performance (Grammys, AMA's, VMA's, pick your place) MDNA Skin video better than album ones Another Movie No Cohesion Another Feature Ft. Nicki Minaj Aldo Diaz No Anniversary Remaster/Special Edition/Bonus DVD/BR Tour Edit is Horrible

    1. Fighter


      This is the best one yet, but did they use W.E.'s music? 

    2. Frank


      She looks INCREDIBLE. Beyond words. We need this in full HD.

  4. thelioncourtheart_

  5. I'm sorry if I've been absent from the board for a while. Things have taken a rough turn. My relationship ended and the breakup went badly. My partner had assaulted me, put my health at risk, and moved on so quickly after leaving my trust and sanity almost on the brink. As much as Liam disagreed, he did offer some good advice when I shared my fear of speaking out against my ex, even though him and I disagreed a lot on the board.

    It's been a tough road. Been dealing with doctors, treatment to try and piece my life back together after someone ruins your faith in men for a long while. What's been getting me through the days is waiting for M's new music which I know will be good therapy especially after something this terrible. Thankfully, I am healthy, my tests were negative and now I cope with a broken heart and overcoming the aftermath of his actions. I hope you all have been well and big hugs.

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    2. KaitoXD


      Welcome back. Remember that we are always here to listen to you. <3

    3. emanon


      I wish you the best luck. My faith ruined too. I have someone, and sometimes it's hard to leave behind the old way of thinking, the insecurities.. In some way i hope he is THE...he cares, but my trust is so dam damaged, but he treats me well. The best of luck to you

    4. blondebombshell


      just remember that when your not looking you'll find a perfect guy. just keep reaching the stars. I know you still love your ex. But hoping nothing the best for you. you seem like such a sweet guy.:hug:

  6. thelioncourtheart_

    Isn't he always praising her one minute then trashing her the next?
  7. thelioncourtheart_

    I have no idea what just happened in this thread.
  8. thelioncourtheart_

    I figured she's do something on her birthday in a way.
  9. thelioncourtheart_

    She posted this as a thank you for the contribution to her fundraiser and in celebration of today.
  10. She posted this as a thank you.


  11. thelioncourtheart_

    I wouldn't mind it. She could always flesh out demos or rework them into a bigger concept as Liam mentioned. Maybe what didn't work for one record's sound meshes well with another. She always tends to use lyrics or structures from demos she's never used (that leak after the fact) and reappears in a new track.
  12. thelioncourtheart_

    1. Erotica - Rain 2. Ray of Light - Skin 3. Like a Prayer - the title track 4. Madonna - Physical Attraction 5. Rebel Heart - Messiah 6. American Life - Nothing Fails 7. True Blue - La Isla Bonita 8. Bedtime Stories - Sanctuary 9. Confessions - Get Together 10. Like a Virgin - Dress You Up 11. Music - Paradise (Not For Me) 12. MDNA - Love Spent 13. Hard Candy - Give It 2 Me
  13. thelioncourtheart_

    "They want me to sing what?"
  14. thelioncourtheart_

    I hope regardless if this is real or not, if leaking manages to happen, her team and her have learned from the previous album and have an alternative plan for the single and album. The last thing we need is a repeat of the whole "Living For Love" dropping and two months of nothing before the promotion began which I understand. If these clips are indeed real, they are very promising. We all have our gripes about her last three albums but it's always an exciting time as a fan when the album is coming and we have no ideas what the subjects, themes, soundscape, imagery she'll bring this time around.