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  1. I hope a full soundboard RIT would be released. 

  2. MADQueen7

    At first i heard madonnas vpice but then after i started having doubts. The music sounds filtered, and the vocals sound like they were recorded and put right on the filtered Inst. Is this madonna or is it just fanmade?
  3. MADQueen7

    I think an affect was used to change the color of her Outfit incl. Hair as well.
  4. MADQueen7

    NOt All instrumentals have leaked yet. You can find most of them here in the forum on the Audios section. Just SEARCH there.
  5. MADQueen7

    Awwwww Congratulations!! ❤️😀 i hope all your dreams come true and true happiness!!!
  6. I'm not really familiar with the whole ios thing because all my life it was always android, but i recently got an iphone 7 plus and i just wat to know if there is an alternate way to save your music onto here even if it means to 'Redownload'. I feel like documents isn't the easiest way to do so.
  7. MADQueen7

    Thanks guys 🤗
  8. MADQueen7

    Hello everyone, so i started to listen to summertime sadness and it was very taunting. The You must love me cover was great as wel, melodic like summertime sadness. Is there anymore songs like these by her? please anyone give me suggestions. Thanks
  9. MADQueen7

    OH MY YUCK!!!!!!
  10. What i look foward to listen to - 1) Devil Wouldn't Recognize You (2004 Demo) 2) COADF, & Rebel Heart Instrumentals/ Remix Pack 3) Every single madonna Acapella 4) Multitracks for: LAP, Spanish lesson, Let It will Be, Don't Tell Me, Devil Wouldn't Recognize You. 5) Very High Quality Studio Version, Rehearsed & Live Studios of every single song/tour 6) Ray Of Light Demo Assembly
  11. New Fanmade Album: 



  12. MADQueen7

    When was the last time madonna released a single before a new album came out? And I feel a promo single should be released to promote the album... Also---- I hope she brings back disco... the sample from insta is on fire and so i hope she takes this stroll then the Rebel heart take. So i feel she tried to continue with pop/EDM/Dance due to some unreleased RH Songs (Like freedom, Alone With You.. ect)
  13. MADQueen7

    Where did it say it will be released in march, 2019? Allegedly, the new album will be released in December, 2020 (JUST KIDDING)