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  1. Madame ❌ is an erotic dancer 😂
  2. EroticSex

    I was gonna say that.... tours, movies, kids, exploring more of the world... yeah i don't see another album at the moment
  3. EroticSex

    Maybe it could be inspired by 'MADONNA' 😂
  4. That moment happiness turns into depression and not able to take any Bullshit in my life, that the feeling of hopelessness kicks in and i feel like i'm better off Nonexistent.

    1. aleex123


      I feel you my friend, people are so ignorant that when you complain about it, they tell you to get it together.

    2. emanon


      feel like that sometimes...

  5. EroticSex

    1. Medellin 8/10 2. Dark Ballet 10/10 3. God Control 10/10 4. Future 5/10 5. Batuka 4/10 6. Killers Who Are Partying 8/10 7. Crave 8/10 8. Crazy 7/10 9. Come Alive 10/10 10. Extreme Occident 10/10 11. Faz Gostoso 9/10 12. Bitch I'm Loca 8/10 13. I Don't Search, I Find 9/10 14. Looking For Mercy 10/10 15. I Rise 10/10 BONUS TRACKS- 1. Back That Up To The Beat 7/10 2. Funana 9/10 3. Ciao Bella 2/10 it is her best album, since confessions. Such a wonderful latin vibe and i really love this album. Some songs for me are pretty decent (5/10 and under) and trying to get used to some. I rise is my favorite. faz Gostoso is amazing, i would take my clothes off and dance naked while on repeat medellin grew on me & crave as well bitch im loca is a sexy and fun anthem dark ballet is awesome. I love the theatrical feel to it god control.... DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED 😂 i love it. It gives me erotic/blonde Ambition confessions vibes. i dont search i find - gives me an Erotica feeling. I love the spoken part of the song.COTTON CANDY FOR YOUR EARS. Candy shop- i would listen to it on repeat and maybe become a stripper while at it. (JK)
  6. Crave was one of the tracks i hated along with future and that song grew on me and now im in love with it 😭

  7. Ohh no it's not. 😂. It's such a funny song with a great melody. I don't like Funana. I enjoy Come Alive. it reminds me of true blue (IM NOT COMPARING)
  8. I think about it as looking for happiness and in the next track, she rises after all. The album seems to have a story to it lol
  9. I love it all & the album is incredible shh. 😊❤️
  10. Can't wait for the New Madame X album. Wanna listen to it in High Quality 


  11. I don't like vinyl rips due to the fact the song would have that Vinyl static noise in the background. That could be used for asmr.
  12. EroticSex

    To be honest, after hearing these songs.. it's very political maybe except a few songs. At the same time i would agree that this is what some called "American Life" Part 2, but with more strength & strong messages on the world we live in now. Dark Ballet, i have to agree that it just sounds like an interlude. But i love how theatrical it is. God control was soo very Unexpected for me tbh because at first, i thought it was gonna be a ballad or a 'follow-up' of dark ballet. That disco part really surprised me. Now one of the tracks that i question about is 'I don't Search i find'. It just sounds unfinished to me. It needs more to it. More multitracks, more lyrics.. it just sounds more like a dub version. It also reminds me of her vocals in the '90's era'.
  13. EroticSex

    Ohh please... I'm pretty sure you did the same as well, so don't judge.