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Madonna knows her fans!

Ha. And some still are upset that she posted and doubts anything she posts. LOL! As if she can't repost something without spelling it out to people.

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Btw, I wonder if she'll make the "Madonna Art Vision" pic a single cover? It's beyond awesome.

You're speaking of the "Messiah" artwork? If it is tied to "The Giver" film, I'm probably going to say "no". I would think they would want something less "in your face" and "controversial". But who knows?

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This is awesome. Could easily be an album/single cover!!


Pray for Peace in the Middle East! #revolutionoflove #artforfreedom #humandignity


Posted Image


OMG, she hashtagged "Humandignity". Must be another song!!!  LOL!

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This outfit is from the last Grammy Award.

If you're referring to the rehearsal, I would say, probably yes. She was wearing what appears to be the same jewelry on her hands, and the material and purplish colors match what was on her dress.


Posted Image

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