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Are Los Javis making the Madonna biopic?

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Do you want some potential real news about the biopic?

Los Javis, the guys behind the Veneno series, told an spanish TV show that Madonna called them to tell her that she has loved the show and then invited them to her London house to “talk private stuff”.

One of them revealed that they have a WhatsApp group with Madonna, and the other guy told him something like “dude, you're telling too much!”.

Why would Madonna invite the guys behind a biopic series to her house and then start a whatsapp group with them? I don't think that we need to use much logic for that. 


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6 minutes ago, Bjonkers said:

Considering she hasn't been in London since March 2020, it was more likely during the making of Madame X than anything recent.

That we know! 👀 And she has started following them like a couple months ago. I wouldn't be surprised.

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