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1 hour ago, Spanky1995 said:

Seconded also yeah and put some stuff up for sale online but I think somethings should be on sale at the shows only for people who are going ( until the tour ends)

I don't like that idea of only selling certain things at the shows - only reason being I am one of those people who even tho I go to the shows I still like to get my merch online & mailed to me VS. @ the venue because I don't want to risk losing it or it getting stolen there and also because say for instance the tour program I wouldn't want it to get all dinged up or covered with sweaty fingerprints from carrying it around all night stuff like that. Maybe if it were T shirts or something that were venue only that'd be OK I guess that'd be easy to keep up with & not ruin carrying it around but something like a poster or the tour book nah I would prefer to get stuff like that on her store website & just sent to my home either before or after the show. Just my opinion for what it's worth. I can't wait to see the new merch I hope it covers all the different "eras"?!?! So exciting that soon we will find out & know!!! WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!! :)

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