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12 hours ago, cosmic_system said:

She always had a tour book, so it will come. Beyonce had a tour book this year too. 

I hope so.

However, all of the artists I mentioned in my post used to have a tour book/program prior to the most current tours or shows, and none does any more…

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I really hope the watercolor shirts will be availlable at all concerts, they are to die for!

about the tourbook, I had a look at the beyonce one and that is really quite good in how it chronicles the development of the show. Would be great to have something similar for this tour, showing all the research, costume references etc that went into putting the show together

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4 hours ago, GhostOrchid said:

Someone made a good point that they deliberately left it out for the first show so that the track list isn't revealed

At the expense of prospective earnings from the sale of the program on the first night? Sounds like a strange assumption to me…

Adding to that, AFAIK the majority of concert programs don’t put a setlist for fear of spoiling concert-goers’ experience to begin with. I don’t have M’s tour books from previous tours at hand, though. Did any of them reveal the songs to be performed on stage beforehand?

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9 hours ago, Blake said:

The fact that so many photos of the merchandise are out there - and yet majority of this thread are 'fans' critiquing someone's art that got used for a very small part of the merch line. 

Y'all are horrid sometimes.

Let’s be honest here. These shirts arnt something I would ever wear or let alone buy. I think the majority of fans have the same opinion.

This would have worked better as art prints, then as t-shirts. They are going to have a large unpurchased stock by the time the tour ends.

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