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Madonna's Spotify Progress


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Time to update her all time Spotify Top 40.

- Updated All Time Top 40 (Official, not merged):

01. Material Girl ("Celebration" Version): 325M

02. Hung Up: 310M

03. La Isla Bonita: 270M

04. Like A Prayer ("Celebration" Version): 263M

05. 4 Minutes ("Celebration" Version): 220M

06. Like A Virgin ("Like A Virgin" Album Version): 216M

07. Vogue ("Celebration"/"Immaculate" Version): 183M

08. Frozen (Sickick Remix): 124M

09. Papa Don't Preach: 102M

10. Crazy For You: 100M

11. Into The Groove: 95M

12. Bitch I'm Madonna: 88M

13. Like A Prayer ("Like A Prayer" Album Version): 85M

14. Holiday ("Madonna" Digital Album Edit Version): 83M

15. Holiday ("Celebration"/Original Album Version): 70M

16. Medellín: 67M

17. Frozen ("Ray Of Light" Album Version): 65M -> Up +1 spot

18. Music: 65M -> Down -1 spot

19. Levitating (Dua Lipa Remix): 51M

20. Sorry ("Confessions" Album Version): 47M

21. American Pie: 46M

22. Take A Bow: 46M

23. Like A Virgin ("Celebration"/"Immaculate" Version): 46M

24. Material Girl ("Like A Virgin" Album Version): 46M

25. Girl Gone Wild: 44M

26. Live To Tell: 44M

27. Faz Gostoso: 42M

28. Ray Of Light ("Ray Of Light" Album Version): 41M

29. 4 Minutes ("Hard Candy" Album Version): 39M

30. Give It 2 Me: 39M

31. True Blue: 39M

32. The Power Of Good-Bye: 38M

33. Express Yourself ("Celebration" Version): 35M -> Up +1 spot

34. Die Another Day: 35M -> Down -1 spot

35. Ghosttown: 35M

36. Living For Love: 34M

37. Jump: 33M -> Up +1 spot

38. Give Me All Your Luvin': 33M -> Down -1 spot

39. Borderline ("Celebration" Version): 32M

40. Celebration: 32M

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42 minutes ago, milingo83 said:

26/03 - 24,886,787 New Peak (+26,239)

WW #159 (=) 

+ New big peaks today:

"Hung Up": 311M

"La Isla Bonita": 271M

"Sorry" (Album Version): 48M

"Back That Up To The Beat" (Demo Version): 17M

"Express Yourself" (Album Version): 11M

"Inside Of Me": 5M

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1 hour ago, f78k said:

It really boils my piss that they have so many almost (but not quite) identical versions of this song that aren't merged. There's no reason for the double disc Celebration version to be a few seconds longer than the album version. None at all. I just don't understand why they would do that. Nobody benefits.

Same with the 2 edit versions on GHV2 and single disc Celebration. It's the same song, just with a few seconds added dead air at the end.


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