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Which of the remaining single re-issues are you most excited about?

MaDöner Kebab

Most Exciting Re-Issue?  

97 members voted

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    • Holiday
    • Crazy For You
    • Angel / Into The Groove
    • Dress You Up
    • Live To Tell
    • Papa Don't Preach
    • True Blue
    • Open Your Heart
    • Who's That Girl
    • Dear Jessie
    • This Used To Be My Playground
    • I'll Remember
    • One More Chance
    • You Must Love Me
    • Another Suitcase In Another Hall / Buenos Aires
    • Die Another Day
    • Love Profusion

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As of now from two one:

1) or Mme. Emilie's busy af at the buffet in Saint Tropez;

2) or she's locked in a safe in high sea à la Houdini.

So while I type anything's possible. Even Superstar getting worldwide release [I bet this would make @Honey Littlewait relaxed till the impeachment - what I do believe it's just a question of months (ofc if Argentinian laws are like Brazilian ones)].

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8 hours ago, drivebitch said:

Aren’t we still waiting for deluxe editions of her albums?

Me not. I am totally fine with what has both officially released and illegally leaked so far. The last decade I've learnt to be in peace with M's ultimate decisions. If she wants us to enjoy Triggering or Across the Sky only through a Sendspace of life, whatever.

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