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Which of the remaining single re-issues are you most excited about?


Most Exciting Re-Issue?  

97 members voted

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    • Holiday
    • Crazy For You
    • Angel / Into The Groove
    • Dress You Up
    • Live To Tell
    • Papa Don't Preach
    • True Blue
    • Open Your Heart
    • Who's That Girl
    • Dear Jessie
    • This Used To Be My Playground
    • I'll Remember
    • One More Chance
    • You Must Love Me
    • Another Suitcase In Another Hall / Buenos Aires
    • Die Another Day
    • Love Profusion

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1 minute ago, dave2290 said:

@dylanlioncourt i start buy M in the dont tell me music era.... dont tell me was my first single.... i had the single for dei another day too.... and american life and Hollywood.... was crazy for Hollywood and the remixes? amazing! i miss that era with single and 3 or 4 remixes inside! 

Same! I miss buying singles and looking over the packaging, which mixes, rare edits, bonus tracks etc.

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@dylanlioncourt OH MYYYYY GOOODDD!!! the same!!!!..... i love to buy the cd see the cover and before listen to it look at the booklet.... sometimes they are real piece of art and pop culture..... its a whole art and culture that right now is gone..... Taylor swift and kpop are helping the physical cd to be cool again so i hope to have back singles with remixes too....

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