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The most absurd Madonna rumors you heard?

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52 minutes ago, Blue Jean said:

I’m tempted to tag the people here who claimed it was true because “TMZ is a reliable source”

They were also claiming that the tour wouldn’t go ahead because live nation couldn’t get more insurance cover and that they expected her to ditch the show after a few weeks

I know! the absurdity 

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13 hours ago, Pedro Beltran said:

That she’s releasing a bitch I’m Madonna Talking Doll this summer with the following phrases 

I want to rule the world 



Bitch I’m Madonna 


I’m a freedom fighter 

And a whore 

among others 

Artists are here to disturb the peace 

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16 hours ago, Honey Little said:

The doll also says:


You’re just staring at me like I’m some kind of fucking idiot.

A queen is never late.

You can fuck your way to the middle but you can’t fuck your way to the top.

Behold I’m coming soon

to age is a sin

I’m a bad feminist 

1, 2, 3 cha cha cha

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