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  1. Madonna had defied odds much longer than expected by continuing to chart into 2000, long after the expected shelf life for a female pop star had expired. Everything was downhill from the Halftime Show on, there was major change going on in the industry and a series of largely self inflicted wounds by Madonna herself ever since, made worse by bad promotional factors. Finally Enough Love is really the first time she has embraced her legacy although its most likely too late for any kind of serious comeback at this point because of how alienated she has become from the general public. Controversy has been a double edged sword for her career, it worked wonders in the early days and now it is a cross to carry, Madonna failed to adapt in time and her career is now paying the price. She has some serious PR heavy lifting that needs to be done if she ever wants to be embraced by the mainstream like other older artists such as Elton John.
  2. God I forgot just how bad this album really is, I still cant tell if I hate Hard Candy or MDNA more.
  3. She has never had very good voice control at all and this goes back to the very start of her career and what we see now is a result of natural limitations and vocal neglect since the early 2000's. She has not taken care of her voice which is why her ability to go into her higher register is totally shot, Harlem shows that very clearly, although she still sounds pretty good in stripped down settings.
  4. The thing that surprises me the most is just how quickly she was able to do a complete 180 Medellin to this, the difference is night and day. She was barely coherent with Maluma and at Pride her look and energy were on point more than we have seen in years. PS, fuck the Supreme Court
  5. I am pleasantly surprised, she looked good and put on a show that was much better than Medellin. Everything went off without a hitch which is all that I wanted from this performance.
  6. Lets just hope she can come on stage before rigor mortis sets into our bodies
  7. Does anyone have an idea what the setlist is?
  8. what did I miss? was out at dinner for hours.
  9. She looks gorgeous, that outfit is fierce
  10. I wish I was going to this event, because who would not want to see a tree growing out of her pussy all in the name of art
  11. So much for a celebration of Pride, instead its been turned into an NFT scam for a bunch of elitists to come and pretend they are Madonna's friends. The entire thing is just weird, it feels like she is basically trolling the LGTBQ Community.
  12. I stand corrected about "paying customers" but you still know what I was trying to say. I really wished she had not pushed herself to the point of destruction during the madame x tour. I guess I should just try and stay positive until I see the pride performance for myself.
  13. It is a very very sad day when the Madonna fanbase has gotten to this point, nothing so clearly illustrates the acknowledgement of her downfall as a live performer. I care about Madonna being a trainwreck because I did not become a fan of a trainwreck now did I? Since when was it ok for Madonna to stop caring about her art? if she has reached that point, she should do the right thing and retire. I do not expect her to be 25 years old anymore when she performs, I expect her to put 100% into her shows like the icon she is and not half ass her way through her set. I wonder if Madonna fans would think its ok for Cher or Paul Mccartney to put on disgraceful performances repeatedly and have their fans justify it as just having fun. Lets hope she can finally deliver the goods for Pride 2022 although everyone here knows that is unlikely, at this point I would be happy if she performed not looking like she was off her tits on drugs or alcohol like Medellin.
  14. She needs to learn that sometimes the best way to deal with criticism is to disarm it with class and poise. If she did not like things he said about her than ignoring him at events is lowering herself to his level by acknowledging that it bothered her is the worst possible thing to do, reminds of the recent 50 Cent drama. Madonna has never taken well to criticism at all because it wounds her massive ego, she rarely picks fights with people but usually handles them poorly once they are thrust upon her.
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