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  1. Fallon is absolutely insufferable but lets just be happy she is doing some promo.
  2. I think blaming all her onstage issues on age is overplayed, 63 is not even that old as far as legends performing on stage go. I saw Cher in Vegas in 2017 and she was amazing, I saw Dolly Parton a few years later and it was also amazing, recently Paul Mccartney put on one of the greatest shows in the history of Glastonbury at the age of 80. The problem is not her age, was it age that caused her to be humiliated at Eurovision? so stop with the bullshit of every time she gives a shitty performance just putting it down to "she's old" as long as she structures the show in a way that plays to her strengths and is not an hour late for concerts then things will be fine. She needs to adapt the way she performs if she wants to embark on another tour, her body cant handle what she put herself through on Madame X again and she will need to add some more hits into the setlist, the last thing she needs is to further lower her touring credibility.
  3. I have never understood the obsession with such a giant production behind her shows in the first place, there is a fine line between visually stunning and so overbearing that it drowns out any authenticity. Imagine a setlist that taps into a mixture of deep cuts and hits that way everyone is pleased. Also, I said it before but an acoustic section of the show would be so amazing.
  4. Ricardo is a cowardly little piece of shit and sucks at his job. I heard he was blocking people who tried sending him messages on social media.
  5. A tour actually does not sound that far fetched to me, she has been talking about being eager to go on stage again where she is happy, I just wonder if she will be able to swing it with being so busy with the biopic right now. The most important thing is that she does not nearly kill herself like last time and I can't speak for everyone but it would be totally cool if she cut down on the amount of choreography and added an acoustic set.
  6. Since design skills were not on the same level they are now, no reason Madonna's recent covers should look like dog shit right?
  7. Rebel Heart is tragic in many ways, it could have been one of her best albums
  8. She will definitely be answering them SOON, hopefully im alive by then.
  9. I feel like Girl Gone Wild is kinda underrated in general, the video was pretty cool and I am not even someone who likes the MDNA era.
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