Break a Leg our Queen!

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I hope so! I would think we'd get press photos for sure. Press reviews too all through out the next day. 

She's going to kill it! She's about to remind everyone on the stage artist she is and Madonna aka Madame X is not going anywhere! 

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2 hours ago, Enrico said:

I'll spend all night waitin' up
Is it gon' be the last night I wait up for you?

I wonder if I have to stay awake tomorrow night...

Will get videos? Or at least live info?

Still almost 30 hours to go... :coffee:

I'll connect tomorrow night to check if there's someone who's able to avoid the security and share something live for us all. Even if I doubt it.  Also a digital audio recorder, wich is not a mobile and usually so small to be hardly notable, could provide an excellent contribution :pray:

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