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MDNA to be re-released on vinyl with holographic cover!!!EDIT: it’s just a sleeve y’all, NO vinyl ?


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3 hours ago, SuperBicycle said:

Sigh, per the original email I was sent, my package was on the way, even got a shipping number and the shipment has been sitting in Jamaica NYC for well over a week. Then today got this from the US Madonna store....

"Due to the current and global raw materials shortage, we have encountered a slight production delay of the MDNA Holographic Album Sleeve. 

We are happy to confirm that this item started to ship earlier this week. Please keep an eye on your mailbox for your related notification and tracking info. 

We sincerely apologize for the delay and would like to thank you for your patience and continued support by giving you a 10% discount on your next shopping experience with us! "



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Oh dear me.... I just got mine, here in Asia from the US store, though the UPS notification says it is still in Jamaica USA, which it is not. Packaging is very solid, well protected. The cover is beautiful, the hologram is excellent, but on the back... nothing, except a damaged area which looks like a price sticker was roughly pulled off.... I haven't bought much from Madonna.com, last think I remember was the Madame X CD, which arrived in a smashed case....

Yes an absolute waste of money, which I guess I am glad I got as I am a huge fan, but if this was released after the Finally Enough Love Vinyl, there is no way I would have bought it.... 

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I had an email originally saying there was a delay and it would be sent out on 20th May (by way of apology they offered me 10% off my next order).  Then today another email copying/pasting the apology offer but saying it will be sent to me on 1st June now.

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