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Ranking the Tracks: Madonna


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1. Burning Up

2. Lucky Star

3. Everybody

4. Holiday

5. Borderline

6. Think Of Me

7. I Know It

8. Physical Attraction

I could change my mind sometimes but Burning Up is probaly my favorite. I loved it when it first came out and was thrilled to hear it on The Rebel Heart Tour. Numbers 2-5 can move around somewhat. I love them for different reasons which is why I find these lists so difficult. I'm unsure about the placement of I Know It and Physical Attraction. Physical Attraction is one of those songs that I never really fell in love with. I like it though. Amazing debut! 

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My raking:

1. Bordeline (one of my favortites songs of his career, i love the dance-pop sound of this song, better to Like a Virgin and a very good beat)

2. Think of me (a huge fan of this song, i love the sound of this song and i like all about this song, a very good song)

3. Holiday (A huge fan of this song since i listen in radio, this influenced disco has very incredible and also her worldwide breakthought. A excellent song)

4. Physical attraction (i like the beat of the song but not of my favorites song)

5. Lucky star (it's surevaluted, it's not one of her best tracks, i prefer more Holiday and Bordeline)

6. Everybody (not a huge fan of this song, but the dance-pop was good of this song)

7. Burning Up (not a fan of this song)

8. I know it (not a fan of this song too)

In fact, this album was not of my favorites albums, but the top three, i listen all the times with pleasure.

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