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BITCH SHE’S MADONNA! YouTube doco series Episode 7

Blue Jean

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Hey guys!!

Here is the teaser for Episode 7, the full episode will be up next Sunday!

PS, sorry to those who have been waiting, been a hectic time here moving house and then into another lockdown ? I put extra time into this one so hope you all enjoy it ?

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43 minutes ago, Enrico said:

Cobgratulations for the new episode @Blue Jean!

I first I thought "Do we need a LAV part 2 after the VT episode?"

But I think it was important to aknowledge the wannabe phenomenon. How M was everywhere. No other pop diva can top that. 1985 is really iconic. Nothing to do with record sales or grammys.

Thanks so much @Enrico

I think sometimes this era is overlooked by newer fans because there weren’t many videos for that album. But when you look at everything else that surrounded it... Playboy/Penthouse scandal, Live Aid, the tour, the wedding etc it’s really a mammoth era! So much hype!

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