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Express Yourself Remixes available on digital platforms on May 7th.

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What exactly do you propose. It’s a simple upload of an 80’s song. With all commercially released mixes of the time and a promo mix.  We’re not reinventing the wheel here hen. It’s just about making her stuff accessible to a new generation who weren’t around for the vinyl generation, the CD generation or even  the download generation. Young people stream… end of. It’s not negotiable. If a young person wants to check out a bit of Madonna they’re not going on discogs to search out some promo cd

It's better than they're not remastered/touched/whatever. It would be just a volume boost or worse, a "Celebration" type of affair. Better to leave the original sound as it is, I think. 

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On 5/6/2021 at 4:35 PM, dominbil said:

Is the audio quality good or is it better with the old cd promo ? 

Well, I compared the 7" Remix, the Remix/Edit, and the Non-Stop Express Mix in an audio editor, and they're digitally identical to the original promo CD... they cancel out perfectly if you do the "null test."

This involves getting two audio files exactly in sync in an audio editor and then phase inverting one of the files. Whatever sound you can then hear is what is different between the two tracks. The three tracks mentioned above resulted in complete silence after the phase inversion, which means they are bit-for-bit the identical masterings that are on the promo CD. 

The Local Mix from the promo and Stop & Go Dubs from "Remixed Prayers" did not cancel out with the digital files, so they are not the exact same masterings that are on those CDs.

So I guess the answer to your question is: the audio quality is the same as the old promo CD.

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On 5/9/2021 at 10:55 AM, Aiwa08 said:

I would say that the CD era began in 1986/1987 worldwide. You can find "Papa Don't Preach" single even in Laser-Disc. So I think that Warner started to create digital versions around the True Blue era. You can find True Blue (Remix Edit) and La Isla Bonita (Remix Edit) on CDs made in 1986/1987. In my humble opinion "Papa Don't Preach" was the first real CD-Single (It was a small Laser-Disc, but you can play the audio part in any CD-player).



Anyway, Madonna & Warner are not stupid, they know what versions we want (Oh no! I'm hearing Madonna laugh hysterically...)

It was one the first single available on CD outside of Japan but it wasn't released in 1986 with the vinyl versions, it was released 2 years later in 1988. All singles from 1989 onwards were then available on CD. 

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