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3 hours ago, Madgesty said:

Asking again: 

Any recommendations for her shirts? I usually wear and buy size medium shirts. How do her tour shirts fit this time? Are they relaxed / larger than usual shirts or smaller?

And has anybody bought the hoodie with the purple logos? Is it true to size or more oversized?

For me, the Erotica shirt fx seems pretty big in size but the black/purple hoodie fits very true to size.

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17 minutes ago, BuggedOut said:

This will be the first M tour that I haven’t bought at least 1 item! My wallet thanks M’s team, but such a huge wasted opportunity to not have an amazing 40 year commemorative tour book.

I want the red celebration jacket. I know many fans don’t like it. But I think it’s the coolest thing she’s made in her merch factory in years.

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