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Blond Ambition Tour Costume Variants


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Not sure if this has been discussed before. Being a Blond ambition tour geek as anyone else ever noticed the slight costume variants?

Opening Outfit.

The corset - One outfit has bows on the garter belts the other doesn’t have any bows.

Causing a commotion zipper - One top has a red zipper with teeth the other is a white zipper with teeth.

Cherish outfit - one outfit has coloured garter belts the other as no garter belts. 

I also think there were 2 holiday outfits one with large polka dots the other small ones.

I know there is always multiple outfits for a tour but usually they are replicated so you don’t notice. I’ve posted pictures for the comparisons 




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1 minute ago, missberic said:

Interesting observations! Never noticed those details before.

I've been listening to some bootleg recordings and got curious as to when and why they decided to add horns to Express Yourself and Holiday. It's a shame the Yokohama show doesn't have them as it's the best video recording we have.

Also interesting to know I can't say I noticed that when watching the diff shows I'll have to check out a short comparison video now & see. I really like that Yokohoma show recording because she sounds so fresh & her voice isn't tired from months of back to back shows yet & you can tell it. In the later shows she sounds so raspy & breathy but I still love them too for what they are! I love all this talk about the BA Tour it really was an amazing show & time to be a Madonna fan for sure! xoxoxo

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Never notice that... I'm "obsessed" with the "Virgin tour" outfits. I think every show has different clothes for the first section but never pay attention to this little changes on the BAT costumes...

Now I have a question (not about BAT). On the "Drowned world tour" the guitar strips had the "Fuck off" on the punk section and "Ole, Ole" in "La isla bonita". Does anyone know if in the "cowgirl" section had other things written on it?

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On 8/20/2023 at 8:18 AM, Rocco Comelon said:

I also noticed that the corsets she wore on Metropolis setlist (especially on Express Yourself) has different colors. Some are bright (baby) pink, some are salmon pink, and some are in apricot color. You can see some variations through photos from different shows. 

this is probably due to the difference in lighting conditions, the film used, print quality etc. The hair is also all shades of blond/yellow/platinum, even in photos from the same night.

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