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Vince Paterson talks Madonna: Express Yourself, Vogue, Blond Ambition, Truth or dare


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51 minutes ago, wtg1987 said:

i still love her comment to VP " I dont need a fucking choreographer ! " -love it :)) -  i could listen to this guy all day with his stories and the fact that he worked with MJ is even more incredible - love him so much xx

*voiceover* : "she needed a fucking choreographer..." :eyes:


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It just shows that Madonna not only intentionally but unintentionally surrounds herself with geniuses that contributes hugely to many of her iconic moments.  Just imagine if we went with Madonna's idea for LAV on BAT, we would have gotten her standing up their rocking out with someone playing a guitar or something of some sort.  It's hilarious that a lot of those iconic moments she originally thought would be dumb to do. 

Still, while she may have had a lot of nudges along the way, she always found her way around in adding something Madonnaesque to the performances.

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