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True Blue (Remix Edit) ...what does she say at the end?


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I have always wanted to know what she says exactly for years but I am sure I have always said them wrong. 

So I know "Hey You guys" then I'd always gone with "Big Wizz"??? then "no ones paying any attention to me". 

For years I also sang "These stars in heaven happen to me everyday" from Into the Groove but obviously that makes no sense. :tongue:

Thanks for any clarification. 

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On 12/30/2021 at 5:39 PM, scamper said:

I've always been obsessed with the "extra lyrics" of her remixes and I can't find some of them but years ago I asked in other forum and the answer I had was

"Gee whiz! Nobody’s paying any attention to me!"

You were almost right!


Thanks, Big Wizz doesn't make much sense either but Gee Whiz does. 

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