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Favorite Madonna Soundtrack/Film song?


Favorite Soundtrack/film Song?   

54 members voted

  1. 1. Favorite Soundtrack/film Song?

    • Crazy For You
    • Gambler
    • Into The Groove
    • Live To Tell
    • Who's That Girl?
    • Causing a Commotion
    • The Look of Love
    • This Used To Be My Playground
    • I'll Remember
    • You Must Love Me
    • Don't Cry For Me Argentina
    • Beautiful Stranger
    • American Pie
    • Die Another Day
    • Masterpiece
    • OTHER?

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34 minutes ago, Chris said:

oh you were talking about Madoona's soundtrack songs. i thought you meant overall lol

i was gonna post Once Upon a December lol


voted for Gambler

Well, I wouldn't think it was that difficult to figure out, being I posted in the MADONNA forum.  But I amended the thread title to help individuals as yourself!  :luv:

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  • Donna changed the title to Favorite Madonna Soundtrack/Film song?

I love I'll Remember, but Live To Tell is a masterpiece. And thinking back, she was very courageous for choosing a ballad as the lead single of a new album after all the party that was the Virgin era. I rewatched At Close Range a few months ago and the final scene when Sean's character started crying then the song starts playing, that's a wow moment. 

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Beautiful Stranger for me altho this was a VERY tough choice to make! Crazy For You is a close second followed by TUTBMP then I'll Remember. I hope one day we get to hear her sing the last 2 live it is an ULTIMATE dream of mine! TUTBMP would've fit into the Celebration Tour setlist so flawlessly :(

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4 hours ago, Enrico said:


Emma Stone Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live

I voted Crazy for you only because it received 0 votes, it's the first Madonna ballad and I remember the fan dedication during RIT.

Very happy that I'll remember is winning.

Time stood still deserves inclusion in the poll.

I can surely name the least favourite: Die another day.

I totally relate to it being hard to choose. So many great songs.  "Other" is there as a choice as I knew there were other ballads beyond the big ones that were officially released.

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