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People do really need a sense of humor...

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I think some people are taking this new era way too seriously.  Just let it happen and enjoy.  Stop worrying about the previous leaks and these new images popping up.  As if some IG pic as a single cover is going to deconstruct her career.   In fact, the artwork is pretty much an after thought since physical singles are no more.  If the song is good, people will enjoy it.  Expecting anything she does to become a massive hit is just being unrealistic.  She's pretty much doing what she wants (as she has always).  Nothing has changed. She's always been quite polarizing and If I was getting that worked up over things I couldn't control then I would say I don't have much of a life.  I'm just glad she's still making music.  I have yet to be disappointed. 35 plus years of great music from such an iconic entertainer.

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*prayed the Holy Rosary 6x, asked for an audience with Pope Francis, booked a flight to the shrine of Lourdes to ask for the Virgin Mary to intercede and help keep this forum still be the best Madonna forum on the web*

Yes. Let's all just enjoy the ride. Put in your two cents but let's not attack people ad hominem. 

Love you all!

Los quiero mucho!!!

Saluti a tutti!!!

Mahal ko kayong lahat!!!

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