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  1. What does "MLVC" mean?

    ChatGPT says it means "Madonna: Like a Virgin Concert". Is that true?

  2. Music video:


    Footage from remix videos:




    1. Confessions Lightside

      Confessions Lightside

      Does someone have this trailer in HQ quality? xD

    1. SashaRemix
    2. Confessions Lightside

      Confessions Lightside

      Would you share a digital copy of the DVD here? If I recall correctly, the video format of the DVD is "PAL" (720x576 pixels). I would like to have the Love Profusion music video by Madonna in this resolution. Unfortunately, the version from the Celebration DVD is only NTSC (720x480 pixels) and the ProRes Master is also only 640x480 pixels in size.

  4. Is this demo real?


    1. Leona Helmsley

      Leona Helmsley

      dont think so.... but not really sure..... the first seconds i was sure was a remix....

    2. Dazedmadonna
  5. Damn. The website uloz.to doesn't work anymore. I wanted to use it to download more rare Madonna files like official remix music videos in VOB (DVD) quality. I never really did it because in the past I told my lazy ass, "I can do it tomorrow...". Now there isn't any tomorrow left to download the files.


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    2. Leona Helmsley

      Leona Helmsley

      wow the sorry alternative backdrop!

    3. Leona Helmsley
    4. Rocco Comelon

      Rocco Comelon

      This was where I found the HQ quality audio of Don't Tell Me Thunderpuss Video Remix on some VOB videos shared. Sadly the website is no longer accessible. 

  6. I'm so grateful for Madonna releasing her maxi singles on streaming platforms. They accompany me throughout the day. Now all that's missing are the GHV2 Megamixes and I'm completely satisfied.


    1. michel.kettermann


      Seriously?! Why do they think that is worth that price? 
      Madonna is definitely the worst when it comes to official releases no matter what item we are talking about.

    2. Unruhe


      I agree, I remember getting the MDNA hoodie back in 2012 and it was around 50 USD. How come it has TRIPLED the price in eleven years??

  7. Does someone have this picture in UHQ?:

    1. hzmajesty




      Here, the largest I could find was in 2780x1450 but I also threw in a upscaled version that's double its resolution. Hope that helps.

  8. I hope that the remixes of "Love Profusion" will be released soon and I would also like to have the "Nobody Knows Me" remixes available on streaming platforms.


  9. The Power of Good-Bye Remixes are out now!



  10. I love this remix and the video!


    1. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      " 11 years ago 
      What's the name of this remix?! "

    2. Confessions Lightside

      Confessions Lightside

      Nobody Knows Me (Above And Beyond 12” Mix)

  11. I love this remix:

    Does someone know if it's real (not fan made)?

    1. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      " I decided not to use "Runaway Lover" on the last album cause I wanted to do something very different."
      it says here

    2. Velvet Rope

      Velvet Rope

      Pretty sure it is and was the only officially commissioned remix of this song.

  12. I wonder if someone has this picture in UHQ quality?



    1. hzmajesty




      I found a scan that was 1448x2000 and I photoshopped the text from the left side out. If you were looking for something even larger, I made a second one that I upscaled to twice the size. Both 300 dpi. Hope this helps.

  13. I wanna create an unknown google account and gaslight all the conservative haters in Madonna's YouTube comments section.
    I'm kinda in the mood for that. Should I do it?


    1. RUADJAI


      I mean, i'm pretty sure foreign governments are behind alot of negative stuff online... It's their job, so you won't be winning anything. 

    2. Certified Fuck Up

      Certified Fuck Up

      No, why waste you time like that? 

  14. I wish we had gotten the "Re-Invention World Tour" on Blu-ray for the "American Life" anniversary. That would have been a fantastic gift for the fandom.


    1. stefo


      Yeah, I agree ... not a gift girl unfortunately, she never was

  15. Why isn't this available on Spotify?


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    2. PlayPause


      Doesn't this work where you live ?


    3. Prayer


      Nope @PlayPause, that's all greyed out, at least in Europe. Where do you live? Maybe you have the local files and that's why you can play it?

    4. PlayPause


      Yeah, it's greyed out for me too, but I don't know where @Confessions Lightsideis talking from.

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