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Carrie Ann Inaba Says 'Very Strict' Madonna Charged Dancers $100 a Minute for Being Late


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I had a boss once (small business owner) that threatened to hold up employees checks whenever he was real mad at them.  In general though this guy was a stubborn ass.  I mean I think it became like a Labor violation kind of thing.  



I could definitely see her making threats like that.  But I mean push comes to shove I have hard time thinking she would collect.  And haters will just run completely with this story taking it all out of context commenting on how much of a bitch Madonna is.  



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21 minutes ago, Honey Little said:

The problem these days is distractions. Any good boss. for any type of job, locks up their phones and watches at the entrance.

I always still have that mentality at work.  I feel awkward if people catch me looking at my phone during the day. Guess I'm old school :smile:

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