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Status Updates posted by Angelo

  1. Is this the end??

    1. xrayeyes


      Been the end for a while...

    2. Angelo


      Madame X was a great era.

  2. Guys please..the forum is closing. LEAK HER UNDERWEAR...C'MOOOOON

  3. Io non so perché continuo a leggere post stupidi...what's wrong w me??

    1. MartineX


      Get stupid!
      Get stupid, don't stop

  4. What I see in this forum is: drama drama drama, useless, pathetic, childish drama. Calm down ladies. 

  5. I'm so in love with David ?. He has really a great voice

    1. MartineX


      I dont believe you. You just want madonna to be your mother-in-law:tongue::devil:

    2. Angelo


      well..it's not a bad idea :04:. By the way, he's really talented.

  6. Guys, do you know a good alternative to Spleeter??? Thank you

  7. Ok, we need some nudes guys. C'mon, it's Xmas time. Ohohoh

  8. Now it's official???


    1. DickTracy


      Its on Amazon Prime Music too. Fucking cool.

  9. I can't believe that she did not release Your Honesty in 1994-instead we had Don't Stop on the album...........................................................................................................................................................................

    1. lap


      Yes, I can't really understand that. A great song. Also, I will never understand why she released Spanish Lesson instead Across the Sky. 

    2. slutpride


      They're both equally shitty imo.

    3. Angelo


      Don't Stop is the worst one

  10. Guys, I need help with AUDACITY...Please someone, DM me <3

    Help...I'm desperate 

  11. Today I saw one of the best show ever ???

  12. Jealous of who saw the entire MX show two years ago...

    I'm a member of the club "poor unfortunate souls" ??

  13. where's "Madonna Tapes" thread?? It's gone...

    1. deathproof
    2. Angelo


      Madonna Tapes

    3. Enrico


      We had to hide it after reports, because collectors/traders drama was difficult to control. It's now up again, with only some posts hidden.

  14. Erotica - 2021 Version ❤️
    "Give it up, do as I say...Give it up, I'll sweep your floor all day"


    1. DanK


      Dita wearing crocs? No thanks.

  15. I need the name of 2021 version of Vogue ?

  16. About Pride '21 performance 

    Let's be clear

    first of all I loved the performance and the outfit. And then, I don't need/have to apologize to anyone for my IRONIC post. You can call me whatever you want, because I can assure you that I'm not a misogynist.

    In the pictures present in my post there is a brave woman called Angela. In 2010 she became famous in Italy, just because she loved dancing in disco and I huge respected/admired her, she was so brave (because Italy is full of misoginy and racism). Everybody started to love her. I compared them, in an ironic way because M outfit remembered me Angela..and not because I had fun of her.

    how can I have fun of the woman who saved me from depression in 2005??

    Don't judge me, because you don't know me. Everybody can see in my profile my posts and how I think.

    Thanks to all of you for your kind words

    1. slutpride


      When people don't know you, they can't tell if you're being ironic and most people here also have no attachment to that Italian lady you like. 
      When something "ironic" looks just like what you're trying to "mock", maybe don't post it?

    2. emanon


      send me the post link :-) sometimes here people cant understand a joke. Wasnt Madonna who said years ago that people cant understand irony and sarcasm anynmore...or it was me? :thinker:

  17. "I hate Madame X"...OH look..another thread about the album :heart: family guy peter GIF

  18. 3 is a magic number :rainbow:

    1. Wuthering Heights

      Wuthering Heights

      1,2,3 not only you and me got 180 degrees and I'm caught in between countin'.

  19. Y no encontré ojos así
    Como los que tienes tú :heart:

  20. Soooo...no Levitating?? ???

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Angelo


      Really?? Gosh so much money for this remix ?

    3. RUADJAI


      She doesn't deserve a #1 :Madonna052:

    4. Angelo


      Especially for this """""remix"""""

  21. I don't understand why her voice sounds better here than on the broadcast one

    1. devilpray


      The broadcast version had the autotune on the key of Future during LAP! That's why it sounded that bad

  22. WIFLFAG EP Remixes blocked on YouTube for my country...WTF????

  23. People that are against tattoos in 3..2..1.....

  24. in the face of certain attitudes, you just have to laugh ?

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