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Did she use sex to sell?

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8 hours ago, godx said:

Then your problem is with Insidethegroove, I'm glad you agree with me.

Not him. You lol

Madonna used sex to sell. Fact. And there’s nothing wrong with that. You kids are the ones doing the re-writes. You should be gathering stones to throw at Mary Lambert, Camille Paglia, and Michael Rosenblatt. They’ve been saying it for decades.


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5 minutes ago, godx said:


I won't continue as it's clearly an age thing for you, @deathproof. The implication that just because you're older you have a better understanding of Madonna's art? Sorry pal... you were never closer to her, you've just been around longer.

And isn't it so wonderful that her younger fans are able to disect and analyze her incredible sexual/political art and learn things that older fans never understood. Cheers to that. 

Huh? What implication? Who’s close to Madonna? What dissection? Who’s older than who? Im So confused, and now it’s turning into a competition? 

You continue to erase everything that’s ever been said about Madonna. All those university studies and courses, published works, etc.., erased. 

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I don't agree that she used sex to sell. She was and still is about deciding who objectifies her body. The SEX book wasn't about being sexy, it was a statement. She's always been a feminist, and I don't think any of her images are particularly 'sexy', more so, statements.

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