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30 minutes ago, Blue Jean said:

Madonna is the bully in that song

If I had a hammer, I'd bash your fucking head.


25 minutes ago, Karma said:

Words from a reliable insider from ATRL (BlackoutZone).

- very.. vulgar

- it's a new song

- Short, aggressive, confident spoken-word dance track with dramatic strings and a drop. It's so bad...But I kinda can't get it out of my head.


14 minutes ago, Mden said:

Spoken word dance track! 

That’s all I need to know.

11 minutes ago, Blue Jean said:

Sounds awful

Yup. Sounds like something along the lines of "I Don't Search I Find" but even worse.

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2 minutes ago, Prayer said:

Could be coming tomorrow (Thursday). Friday is going to be packed with new Dua Lipa, Taylor, etc. so they would benefit from having all the attention a day earlier.

well maybe its global release so it start to coming in Thursday anyway

and since most playlists updated by Friday i didn't much sense i think 


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