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For Inspiration? - Madonna's Inspiration For Her Art


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20 hours ago, chaosmen1984mk said:


After the cover of the Hard Candy album that left many fans, like me, dissatisfied due to its simplicity and lack of originality, Madonna decides to surprise this time with the cover of her next album (Mdma) using a photo of her but with a special fragmentation effect or vertical lines that resulted in a unique and quite striking cover.

Curiously, 5 years earlier, an unknown Chilean artist named Sergio Lagos had released an album with a fairly similar cover. Looking at the photos, the resemblance is undeniable, so we can come to the conclusion that Madonna was inspired by this Chilean artist for the cover of her album Mdma. Because inspiration doesn't always come from world-famous artists or works. And this could be a good example of that.


do u know the country album with a similar cover to like a virgin ?

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The chess scene in the power of goodbye video was inspired by that in the 1968 heist film The Thomas Crown Affair


and the scenes showing Madonna walking alone on the beach at the end of the power of goodbye was an homage to actress Joan Crawford in the 1946 film Humoresque


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The Girlie Show got lots of inspiration in the choreo and costumes from musicals:

Vogue was based on the "Small House of Uncle Thomas" from The King and I

I'm going Bananas/isla Bonita part was an homage to Genes Kelly's  'Anchors Aweigh'

BBB/Like a Virgin she wears Marlene Dietrich costume from Morocco and makes a version and take of Falling in Love again from the Blue Angel.

And Justify my love is taken from My Fairs Lady Ascot scene but also borrows choreo from Sweet charity's club scene.



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This segment from Rebel Heart Tour take inspiration from mexican folclor like the tehuana dress and Frida Khalo In the female dancers, Día De Muertos In the background video and the backup singers in the grammy performance were wearing the mariachi female dress




images (3).rebel.jpg

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9 hours ago, Blue Skies said:

I forgot the exact painting but there was one in the Open Your Heart video done by Tamara de Lempicka in the background.  

Tamara de Lempicka's paintings have recurred symbolically in Madonna’s music videos for “Open Your Heart” , “Express Yourself” “Vogue” and “Drowned World/Substitute for Love” . Her paintings also appeared in the movie set of Who’s That Girl and the Blond Ambition World Tour









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