if madonna did an anti tour

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If she did an 'Anti-tour' I'd die. It would be amazing, and a great place to hear all those forgotten gems.... with no Candy Shop, La Isla Bonita, Holiday, and, as much as I adore the song, no Like a Prayer. Kylie sang some unreleased demo's as part of hers, Madonna has a whole load of brilliant unreleased tracks that would be so good to hear live... I always felt that Run would be a great one to hear as part of her usual 'guitar segment' on tour.

If this was ever a possibility, I'd love to hear...

Ain't No Big Deal
Think of Me
Let Down Your Guard
I'll Remember
Love Won't Wait
Rescue Me
Be Careful
Oh Father (not done since BAT, needs to be done again)
Liquid Love
Maybe an Emmy/Breakfast Club section where she reimagines those early demos.

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Not a huge fan of this concept for M - I prefer grandiose shows instead of intimate settings for The Queen Of Pop - but I'd like to hear the hits that she never performed on tour before.

"Dear Jessie" (UK #5)
"Rescue Me" (US #9, UK #3)
"Bad Girl" (UK #10)
"This Used To Be My Playground" (US #1, UK #3)
"I'll Remember" (US #2, UK #7)
"Bedtime Story" (UK #4)
"Don't Cry For Me Argentina [Miami Mix]" (US #8, UK #3)
"The Power Of Good-Bye" (US #11, UK #6)
"Nothing Really Matters" (UK #7)
"American Pie" (UK #1)
"What It Feels Like For A Girl" [Original Version] (UK #7)
"Hollywood" (UK #2)

Maybe throw in "You'll See", "Take A Bow", "I Want You" and "Ghosttown" for good measure.

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mine my set list would be this

  1. physical attraction(from Madonna 1983)
  2. ain't no big deal(true blue b-side 1986)
  3. buenos aires(from Evita 1996)
  4. supernatural(cherish b-side 1989)
  5. how high(from confessions on a dancefloor 2005)
  6. beautiful killer(from MDNA 2012)
  7. its so cool(celebration bonus track 2009)
  8. till death do us part(from like a prayer 1989)
  9. thief of hearts(from erotica 1992)
  10. I want you(from something to remember 1995)
  11. something to remember(from I'm breathless 1990)
  12. sanctuary(from bedtime stories 1994)
  13. has to be(ray of light b-side/bonus track 1998)
  14. swim(from ray of light 1998)
  15. be careful(ricky martin duet 1999)
  16. voices(from hard candy 2008)
  17. stay(from like a virgin 1994)
  18. love makes the world go round(from true blue 1986)
  19. let down your guard(secret b-side)
  20. amazing(from music 2000)
  21. easy ride(from American life 2003)
  22. veni vidi vici(from rebel heart 2015)


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Mmmm... this is my setlist

  1. Words  
  2. Broken
  3. Run
  4. Be Careful (demo assembly version :hearteyes:)
  5. Laugh To Keep From Crying
  6. High Society
  7. The Game
  8. If you go Away (Mirwais demo)
  9. Skin 
  10. Liquid Love
  11. History
  12. How High
  13. Rescue Me 
  14. Shame
  15. Thief of Hearts/Gang Bang
  16. Love Tried To Welcome Me
  17. Has To Be 
  18. Falling Free
  19. It's so Cool
  20. Where's The Party
  21. Stay

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I wouldn't mind this set-list  :kiss2:

  1. Revolver
  2. Beautiful Killer
  3. She's Not Me
  4. Forbidden Love
  5. Skin 
  6. Sanctuary
  7. To Have and Not to Hold
  8. Pray for Spanish Eyes
  9. Nothing Fails
  10. Devil Pray
  11. Sky fits Heaven
  12. Paradise (Not For Me)
  13. Isaac
  14. Why’s it so Hard
  15. Impressive Instant
  16. Best Night 
  17. Where Life Begins
  18. Secret Garden
  19. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You
  20. Nobody Knows Me
  21. How High
  22. Til Death Do us Part
  23. Over & Over
  24. Easy Ride
  25. Rescue Me

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I’d love to see something like this. There’s a massive amount to chose from. Thinking of it more as a small band type affair:



Has to be

Till death do us Part

Mer Girl

I’d Rather be your Lover


Bad Girl

Over and Over


Falling Free

Forbidden Love (Confessions)


Easy Ride

Vogue (Acoustic version)

Secret Garden


Yeah, I’d probably be the only one impressed with this! 



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1. Sanctuary (from Bedtime Stories)

2. Bedtime Story (from Bedtime Stories)

3. Skin (from Ray of Light)

4. Liquid Love (unreleased song from Music)

5. Sky Fits Heaven (from Ray of Light)

6. Paradise (Not for Me) (from Music)

7. Isaac (from Confessions on a Dance Floor)

8. Nothing Really Matters (from Ray of Light)

9. The Power of Good-Bye (from Ray of Light)

10. Time Stood Still (from The Next Best Thing)

11. Love Profusion (from American Life)

12. Easy Ride (from American Life)

13. Till Death Do Us Part (from Like a Prayer)

14. Mother and Father (from American Life)

15. Angels With Dirty Faces (unreleased song from Like a Prayer)

16. Promise to Try (from Like a Prayer)

17. Spanish Eyes (from Like a Prayer)

18. Goodbye to Innocence (unreleased song from Erotica)

19. Words (from Erotica)

20. Sorry (from Confessions on a Dance Floor)

21. Get Together (from Confessions on a Dance Floor)


22. Rescue Me (from The Immaculate Collection)

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QUEENDOM: The ANTI Tour (Concept 1)

Set list

ACT 1: Heaven / Earth

01. INTRO (Contains lines from "Bedtime Story")

02. I Want You (Orchestral Version)

03. Has to Be 

04. Rain 

05. The Power of Good-Bye

 ACT 2: East LA / Hollywood

06. Over and Over (Band Interlude) (contains snippets of "Jimmy Jimmy")

07. Angel (Reworked)

08. Spotlight (Contains elements from"Everybody Is a Star" by Sly & The Family Stone)

09. Hollywood (contains elements of "Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duck Mix")

10. Causing a Commotion (Reworked) (contains sample from "Deeper and Deeper [David's Klub Mix]") 

ACT 3: Boudoir 

11. Bad Girl 

12. Love Tried to Welcome Me (contains elements of "Forbidden Love 94")

13. Words 

14. Till Death Do Us Part / Love Spent / Falling Free (Broken Medley)

15. Rescue Me 

ACT 4: Polictica / White House

16. Dark Ballet (Interlude) [Verse 3] 

17. Joan of Arc (Acoustic)

18. Easy Ride / X-Static Process 

19. Swim

20. Ghosttown (Acoustic)

ACT 5: Church / Temple 

21. I'll Remember (William Orbit Remix)

22. Skin 

23. Nothing Really Matters 

24. Take a Bow / You'll See (Medley)


25. Keep It Together

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QUEENDOM: The ANTI Tour (Concept 2)

Set list 

ACT 1: Deep Space / Heaven

01. INTRO (contains elements of "Future Lovers")

02. Impressive Instant / Future Lovers (Mashup) 

03. Skin   

04. I Want You (Orchestral) (contains elements from "Teardrop" by Massive Attack)

05. Angel (Reworked)

ACT 2: Immaterial Girl 

06. Hollywood

07. Causing a Commotion 

08. Bad Girl (Reworked)

09. Has to Be (Demo Assembly Version 1)

10. I Deserve It / Gone (Medley)

ACT 3: Politica / White House

11. Easy Ride / X-Static Process (Medley)

12. Looking for Mercy

13. Joan of Arc (Acoustic)

14. Wash All Over Me (Acoustic)

15. Swim (Rock Version)

ACT 4: Sanctuary / Religion + Temple 

16. Sanctuary 

17. Bedtime Story (Junior's Wet Dream Mix)

18. Rain (Extended Outro)

19. Shanti / Ashtangi + Cyber-Raga 

20. Nothing Really Matters (contains elements from "Kruder & Dorfmeister Mix")

21. Rescue Me (contains elements of "Lifeboat Vocal Mix" and "Houseboat Vocal Mix") 


22. Spotlight (Reworked)

23. Rebel Heart (Acoustic)

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I really like the idea of anti-tour by M. Here's a few songs I'd like to see her perform, or perform more often (In no particular order):

1. Rescue Me
2. Waiting
3. Love Tried to Welcome Me
4. Easy Ride
5. Spanish Eyes
6. Sooner or Later
7. Swim
8. I'm So Stupid
9. Gone
10. Thief of Hearts
11. Where Life Begins
12. Inside of Me
13. Don't Stop
14. Forbidden Love (from Bedtime Stories)
15. Like It or Not
16. Push
17. Bad Girl
18. Words
19. I'll Remember
20. Supernatural
21. More
22. Back in Business
23. To Have and Not to Hold



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