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Miss You. ❤️


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Well, talking bout AL era outtakes, could someone spill the tea about this?

Was it recorded exactly as a rock song for what would M10 (or M11 according to some people - including ME) be at very early stages or was it actually twisted to sound like a rock song, according to what I had read on "List of unreleased Madonna songs" page on Wikipedia???

Well, according to the poster of this video they wanna make believe it was actually a very early demo to what AL would come to fruition.

Very confusing actually!

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For those confused with the timeline:

-"Cool Song", "Set the Right" and "The Game" are American Life outtakes. "Cool Song" later got reworked as "It's So Cool" for Celebration.

-"If You Go Away", "Is This Love (Bon d'accord)", "Miss You" and "Boum" are from the Hello Suckers sessions. Early versions of "How High" and "Devil Wouldn't Recognize You" were initially written during these sessions as well. Lyrics from "Is This Love (Bon d'accord)" and "Boum" later got reworked into "Voices" and "Like It or Not" respectively.

-"I'm in Love with Love" is from the Luc Besson musical sessions. "I Love New York" and "Hung Up" also originated from these sessions.

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