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The Celebration Tour (Spoilers)


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2 hours ago, Anapausis said:

 I will be forever angry Pioneer didn't have the balls and choose release THAT night instead of Barcelona, Nice, etc., etc. (Given Yokohama was a sine qua non condition to go ahead after Chiba's rainstorms hindered the most enthusiastic Japanese crowd by then to be present at a Blond taped concert).

I don't think that really had much to do with Pioneer 'not having balls' nor was it really their choice.  They simply sponsored the tour. I doubt they had any choice in what show was released.  The release to laserdisc was just convenient being it was the broadcast. 

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9 minutes ago, sara94 said:

Holiday & Everybody are my favorite Performances on this Tour. She dances a lot during Holiday and the I want Your Love part is so good. And i love her confidence when performing Everybody. Don't Tell Me was also really nice. At least thats what I think after seeing these performances in Berlin

Yeah, one of my favorite parts of this show is the I Want Your Love choreography.  It's so cool. :luv:

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4 minutes ago, Voguerista said:

Just gorgeous. Well done!! Thank you so much!

They are, aren't they?  I'm getting excited to see how the U.S. reacts to the tour in a couple of weeks.  I bet she will be all over the news when she arrives in NYC later next week. :luv:

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3 hours ago, McDonna said:

By the way,  who was the guest judge in this picture? 



3 hours ago, Would You Like To Try said:

Same question 


53 minutes ago, Would You Like To Try said:

Guest judge is amazing.Should stop being a guest and maybe a full on time show judge Emily do something say something 

Miss Fame (Drag Queen from RPDR)

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