Madame X Tour May 6 Announcement

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1 hour ago, stefo said:

Sorry, I'm not an Icon member and I'd like to buy two tickets for the January Lisbon shows tomorrow. Will anyone tell me wich hour and link the tickets will be available for the general public please?

The tickets will be available at 10am (portugal time) here:

I wanna buy two tickets too. Good luck!

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2 hours ago, aprilshack said:

Def didn’t see that. Have messaged TM customer services to see if I can add it on at a cost.

Let me know what they say because I think I’d like a proper ticket now 😂

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1 minute ago, Isma said:

More than 1 hour for me to buy tickets for Lisbon...

There goes all the cheap tickets with my only possibilities to assist the tour 

I agree and was queuing from the moment they turned on the queue around 930

I knew because isn’t protected like ticketmaster and there wasn’t any pre-registration that the queue would be HUGE
I would think there are a lot of bots and automated systems in these queues for the touts, agencies and scalpers
Still crossing my fingers
Good luck all


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Probably the worst ticket buying process I’ve experienced since reinvention days was no suitable for an event like this

they didn’t have the capacity or servers to deal with it

lost most of the 10 mins website time to either spinning loading or complete back end SQL crashes

when I got to choose seats or a box etc wouldn’t let me and crashed out

well done those that managed but they should have done verified fan so they could manage the server traffic 

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