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13 hours ago, 50ft Queenie said:

And the thing is, I don't know how many people here are actually familiar with the Weeknd outside of big hits that everyone knows or popular but he uses some really incredible production on his albums with these cinematic outro passages, vocal effects and spoken word, much in keeping with Madonna's style, they totally need to work together in a big way. Unlike a lot of her other collabs, The Weeknd is actually a serious artist with concepts and storylines behind his albums. He and Madonna could really create something great together if they wanted and the commercial success would not hurt either. The production on this track goes really hard. It is basically about the characters drug overdose which then segways into Blinding Lights where he is being rushed to the hospital.



2 amazing singers and artists....... i really hope they will put out an album together..... would be divine......,

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Madonna’s ‘Popular’ Is Becoming A Career-Defining Hit For The Singer


Madonna has been charting hit singles around the world for decades. She first reached the ranking of the most popular songs in the U.K. back in 1984, and since then, she’s been doling out smash after smash. This week, the pop superstar’s latest cut is still going strong, and now it’s reached a special milestone in the nation.

“Popular” hits 30 weeks spent on the U.K. singles chart as of this frame. The tune, which features Madonna and Playboy Carti and which is fronted by The Weeknd, is not just present, it’s doing very well. It’s only the second hit from the singer to make it to that 30-week milestone.

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5 hours ago, f78k said:

The way they put Madonna first 


It's good to see that Billboard really knows how to recognize Madonna's career and takes the liberty of putting her name first even though the song belongs to The Weeknd.

Unfortunately, in the official credits, Madonna's name appears at the end and that is something that I have always criticized because someone who will probably disappear from music in about 5 or 6 years cannot be more important than her and occupy second place in the credits. This is not seen in the case of other music legends such as Elton John, Paul McCartney or Christina Aguilera whose names always appear in the first places in every collaboration they participate. Generally, those who go last in the credits are those less popular artists, newbies or those who want to recover the significance they lost. And Madonna is far above them all.

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